Exclusive Interview: Brittany Hatch, 9th Eliminated Model on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 8
Exclusive Interview: Brittany Hatch, 9th Eliminated Model on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 8
Brittany Hatch, a bartender from Savannah, Georgia, was the ninth girl eliminated from America's Next Top Model Cycle 8.  Although having no previous background in modeling, Brittany managed to impress the judges week after week with her dazzling photos, finding herself among the top 5 finalists.  However, last night, Brittany seemed to struggle a bit in other areas, particularly when it came to her "Go Sees," and the judges felt that she lacked the personality necessary to make it in the industry.  Tyra bluntly told Brittany, "Having all the pretty pictures in the world is great, but if you can't get hired, you don't exist in the modeling industry."  Brittany took some time to chat with us at BuddyTV earlier today about her experience being on the show, what she thought about Tyra's feedback, and what she has planned for her career as a model.

Check out the full interview transcript and the mp3 audio below. 

How did you get involved with America’s Next Top Model?

Oh boy. My friend told me to go out for casting and I told her I’d try out if she swore to me that she’d never ever, ever, ever bother me with modeling again. And she agreed, so I tried out again.

Were you a big fan of the show?

I had never seen the show before I tried out.

Did you have any prior experience with modeling prior to the show?

No I had never modeled before. My mother actually drug me to New York when I was about 14 and had me meet with agencies and I had a few offers. But because I was 14 and my mother wanted me to do it, I wanted nothing to do with it. (Laughs) Stubborn 14-year-old.

On last night’s episode, Dionne made the comment that you used the whole short-term memory thing as an excuse to stay on the show last week. Do you have anything to say about Dionne’s remark?

That really is an ignorant remark to make. Overall, especially from someone that does not understand brain trauma or short term memory versus long term memory. Long term memory, which would have come in part to the acting challenge, has something to do with where you commit something to your memory, and therefore can recall it. We had two hours to memorize that script. With short term memory, it is a two to five second window, in which you can recall and regurgitate something and then you lose it. And it’s that two to five seconds that you recall something, and so when we were given cue cards, I was completely incapable of using them because I would read them, look at the camera, and then have no idea what I just read.

You had some trouble with your Go See’s right off the bat and then ended up not making it back in time which meant that you were disqualified from the challenge. You were obviously pretty upset about the whole thing. What are your thoughts about the whole challenge?

Well, honestly, I think I worked myself up in a state where I was so worried and afraid that I would do poorly in it, that I set myself up to do poorly. I was nervous and I felt like I had everything riding on these Go See’s since I had done so poorly the week before, that I was just bashful and uncomfortable going into them, and that showed. I was way too professional about them and didn’t allow any of my personality to come through.

What could you have done differently looking back?

Definitely been more of myself than a little less cordial and a little more fun. But overall, I don’t know how I would do in an Australian market. I don’t have an Australian look, I don’t have an LA look. I’ve been told numerous times that I have a New York/European look, and it’s an entirely different market. So that also probably played into it to an extent.

Were you surprised when Tyra told you that none of the designers that you saw on the Go Sees said they would book you?

At the time I was shocked. But watching the footage from last night, I wouldn’t have booked me either. I was obviously nervous, I was obviously uncomfortable. I had never been on a Go See in my life and I fell flat on my face. And getting to see that is a life experience. Most people don’t get to watch their mistakes and look at them and learn from them in that same way that they have actually video footage. And by being able to watch that, I can see exactly what I did and hopefully in the future, go back and present myself a little bit more openly and not as held back and not as awkward and not as uncomfortable.

Tyra and the judges all agreed that you take absolutely gorgeous photos, but said that you lack the personality needed to really make it in the industry. Did you agree?

I wouldn’t agree with that completely. I think I was in a situation where I may have come across that way. I’m a very persuadable person. I bartend for a living, my job is to talk to everybody and be everybody’s best friend and have everyone like me; that’s how I get tips. So I wouldn’t agree that I’m that type of person, but I do agree that I came across that way, and that I just need to be more comfortable in those sorts of situations and just be myself. But at the same time, reality TV has nothing to do with reality, and you are setup to be in uncomfortable situations and setup to have to deal with stress, and setup to have to sort of be in the microcosm of this controlled environment, that they want you to over-play everything and over-do everything and over-think everything. And they basically make you feel like when you screw up, it is the end of the world. Like, there’s nothing beyond America’s Next Top Model, and when you leave, you’re like, “Oh wait a minute! There’s a real world outside of here!” And at the time it doesn’t seem that way and it makes everything a lot harder than it would be in reality.

What was going through your mind when you found yourself in the bottom-two again?

Um, I kind of already knew I was going to be in the bottom-two and I already knew I was going home, so I was just thinking how nice it was going to be to get back home.

We’re down to the final four…who do you think will win it all?

I would think that probably either Renee or Natasha would win. I think they’re both fantastic people with a lot of potential as far as modeling goes and they both have a lot of personality and I hope that they both do fantastically.

What are your plans now that you’re off the show?

I’m actually planning on moving to New York after the summer and attempting to pursue my modeling career. Hopefully it goes over well and my Go See’s there go better than they did in Australia. I would think they would, because like I said, it’s a completely different environment and a different situation. So as long as I’m able to present myself a little better and a little more poised than in the past, hopefully it will turn out well and I will be able to have a fantastic career out of me.

Any final thoughts about last night or the show in general?

Not really. I would just say to all the viewers; do remember it is reality television and out of a week’s worth of footage, they have five minutes to put to a girl and when you think about everything you say and do in a week, if somebody could pick five minutes apart, they can make you look like anything.

(Interview conducted by Royce Yuen)

(Photo courtesy of CW)