Exclusive Interivew: Aminat Ayinde of America's Next Top Model Cycle 12
Exclusive Interivew: Aminat Ayinde of America's Next Top Model Cycle 12
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with Aminat Ayinde the third runner up of Cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model.

Throughout the Cycle Aminat wowed the judges with her enviable body, which Tyra described to her rival supermodel Naomi Campbell's, her signature strut, and her true top model potential. Fans loved and loved to hate Aminat for the drama she brought to the house, her brutal honesty, and her now infamous "S-T-U-P-I-D" insult.

During her interview Aminat showed plenty of the personality that made her such a divisive character all cycle, but I found her to be full of charm and spunk. Aminat and I chatted about about the ironic way she came to be on America's Next Top Model, what it felt like to be told her body compared to a supermodel, and how she hopes to walk on every single major runway in the future.

Listen to my full interview with Aminat:

On the Round-About Way She Came to be on America's Next Top Model:

I originally tried out in '06, and I went to the open call on Saturday and I was rejected. And I was like, you know, what? That sucks. Then '07 I was on spring break and I was found my one of their scouts.

On her experience on America's Next Top Model:

My time on the show was, I would say phenomenal. I had such a blast. When I tell you I had immense fun, everybody hopefully, I know from my opinion was just so excited and happy to be on the show. Everybody was just "Oh My God, I'm really here." I was excited and I got to meet amazing females.

Regarding her infamous "stupid, stupid, stupid" insult:

Oh my god, Abbey. Let me tell you, everywhere I go! I'm in college, I'm graduating on Tuesday and I go to a pretty big campus. So when that episode came out, the next day, not even the next day, maybe the next second the show was over. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I promise you, I don't even use that word anymore.

On her dream modeling job:

My dream modeling job would be to book every major runway show ever possible in the world. In New York, in Tokyo, Japan, in Brazil. I would love to go back to Brazil and actually do their fashion week. Whatever fashion week is possible. In London, in Milan, in Paris. Seriously, I'm not lying, every major designer I want to pound their runway. The pavement for them. And I'd also like to get campaign ads, because I know I'm more than just a runway model.

On Her Final Judges Panel and if she Thought The Final Two Were Pre-Determined:

No, I didn't. Looking back, I didn't think the final two was decided. I was still so eager to make it to the final two.

But when Allison got called first, I was like "No." My heart dropped because, either way, it's a loose loose situation for me. Because all I wanted to do was to be in the top two with my girl Teyona. I'm not going to lie to you, we were going to walk it out. We had a bond, that's my homie, that's my right hand chick. I love Allison to death and I congratulate her, for making it as far as she did. Because she really did deserve, she really did deserve it. You know? No BS. But I really wanted to be in the top two with my girl.

On having her body compared to Naomi Campbell's:

Well you know I love me some Naomi. I know, I was like, oh snap! I was like I knew Tyra liked me, but Tyra must really really love me now. Seriously. No seriously, I was flattered to the Nth degree that Tyra said that. It was a huge compliment, HUGE, I will take that any day.

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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