Exclusive Interview with 'America's Next Top Model' Castoff Catherine Thomas: 'I Was a Bit Offended' at My Final Photo
Exclusive Interview with 'America's Next Top Model' Castoff Catherine Thomas: 'I Was a Bit Offended' at My Final Photo
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Catherine Thomas didn't need to work to stand out as a personality on America's Next Top Model: British Invasion this cycle. But she did work, very hard and well, to stand out as a model. The sweet Brit was a more polite and calming presence than we usually see on Tyra's raucous reality show, and her photos reflected a refined, timeless beauty that earned her the nickname "Queen Catherine" among the cast. Even Queen Tyra herself dismissed Catherine with obvious sadness, and one final bow to "Queen Cath'reen," this week after her photo, in a silk dress covered in silk worms, failed to measure up. 

Not many girls could hope for that sort of recognition from the usually self-centric supermodel. And that bodes well for Catherine Thomas, who talked to us yesterday about her experience hopping the pond for Top Model:

First of all, how did this whole experience compare to when you were on Britain's Next Top Model?

Yeah, um, I thought this whole experience was so much bigger and better than Britain's Next Top Model. It was like a dream come true, really, because I always wanted to be America's Next Top Model, but I never thought I could be, because I'm not American. That's why I applied to Britain's Next Top Model. So being involved with both of the shows was an amazing opportunity and I'm just so happy I got to take part.

Going back to last night, can you explain why you were getting so emotional when you were on the photo shoot?

Yeah, well, on the photo shoot, Mister Jay came up and asked me to do an emotion what I thought was sad. So I told him that I thought someone dying was pretty sad, and he told me to go with that and to use that for the photo shoot. So I got pretty emotional with it because I've had people die in my family, so I know what it feels like. He basically told me to stand there, let the feeling build up, and just cry. So that's what I was doing, and I was modeling through it as well. They didn't really choose a shot of me crying, which I was a bit confused about, because that was the whole intention. So I was a bit disappointed, really. I know I probably did a bit better than what they'd shown. I think I did a good job, I think I was the only girl who actually did cry on set. So yeah. I guess they just didn't really like it.

Did you expect to be in the bottom two at all?

No, I thought that quite a good picture would come up, because I was showing such raw emotion and I'd done so many different things. I thought that quite a powerful picture would come up. So when I saw the picture that came up, I was really disappointed. I was a bit offended, like, "Nooo! I did better than that!" As soon as I saw it, I knew I was going home. Tyra said to me as well, "Ah, you can do so much better than that." I was like, "I know I can! I wish you saw what I did." So I knew instantly I was going.

Even though you were disappointed, you handled yourself with a lot of grace when you left. And actually, it seems like the British girls in general have had more camaraderie, more grace as they exit, and it seems like they had a lot more fun. Did you see that as a major difference between the British and American models?

Definitely. I think the British girls, we all stuck together, we all worked as a team all the time. Whereas the American girls were so much quicker to, you know, throw each other under the bus and let them suffer. But we all wanted to sort of survive together as long as we could, to take out all the Americans and just have the British girls left. So yeah, there was a lot more fun, a lot more team spirit this time.

Which girls do you hope will get to the final two?

My favorite girl is Alisha, because we got on really well throughout the competition, and I thought she was just so funny in real life. She's got loads of potential, so she's my favorite girl. I'm also really supporting Eboni as well. The three of us really stuck together, so either of them two, I'd be really happy for them to get into the final.

Eboni's been getting a lot of negative feedback. Last night it was about her being vain, and she's been called immature a lot. What do you think about all that?

We made a joke of it. A running joke was, "Whatever mirror is in the room, Eboni will find it." It was a joke. But obviously Laura took it a bit more serious. You know, Tyra really likes her and has given her quite a bit of chances, so maybe that's why people started turning on her a bit. But I thought she was nice.

Last night Tyra called back to your amazing music video shoot, which you did really well at, which is even more impressive since it was one of the most challenging shoots that you all did.

Yeah, I really loved that. I sort of feel like ... we only had one take each to do that. There was no way that it can be construed in any other way. That was me doing my thing. So I'm really glad that she got to see me at my best. It was such great fun, I really enjoyed it.

Yeah, you all seemed like you had a lot of fun. And I personally thought the British girls blew the American girls out of the water on that one.

Yeah, we were joking and saying that we should become a real girl band!

There was a lot of talk this season of your timelessness, or your regalness. First of all, is that a label or a brand that you enjoy having?

Yeah, when Tyra gave it to me, I just felt massively complimented. It's just such a massive compliment that I've got a timeless look, because that's what every model would like to hear, that they can sort of fit into any look and make it work. So I was really happy with that, and I've had such great support from people and they've all been calling me Queen Catherine, which I think is really funny. I've quite enjoyed it, yeah.

I also know that on your Top Model bio that your favorite movie is Terminator 2 -- which, by the way, I think is an amazing favorite movie -- and your favorite musician in Marilyn Manson. So is there a certain edge to you that we didn't see?

Yeah, you didn't really get to see much of me this season, which I was really kind of disappointed about, because I thought I really put myself out there. I think I did have a great personality, but they didn't show it very much. But yeah, I'm a bit of a rock chick, I love rock music, and I'm a bit of a tomboy, really. I like computer games and Terminator. That's a side of me that you didn't really get to see on TV.

What's next for you?

I'm definitely going to carry on modeling. It's been my big thing for a while now and I really love it. After Britain's Next Top Model, I never gave up. I kept going. And I'm not going to give up now after America's Next Top Model. I just hope that it will open more doors for me. I'm always open-minded, so whatever comes my way, I'll do.

As I'm sure you've heard, Nigel, Miss J and Mister Jay won't be on the show anymore. So what do you think about that, and what kind of impact did they have on your experience?

Yeah, I'm really glad I got to work with Nigel and Miss J and Mister Jay before they weren't going to be returning. Personally, I love Miss J. I think he's just brilliant. And he's part of the brand, isn't he? You think Top Model and you think "Miss J." Like, and Nigel. I think he was awesome as well. It's going to be strange without them. I'm not sure how they could have that charisma on the show without them. I'm not sure. I'm just really lucky I got to work with them before they went.

Thanks, Catherine. You made a great impression this season, so thanks for talking with us and good luck with everything.

Thank you for interviewing me!

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