America's Next Top Model: Tyra Throws Support Behind Obama
Tomorrow is Election Day and we face perhaps one of the most important presidential races of our time. Celebrities have come out in droves, asking their fans to register and let their voices be heard. A recent campaign called “Don’t Vote”, in which A-list celebs tell people not to vote, using sarcasm to make their point, has became popular online. The ad features Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, and Ellen DeGeneres, among many others. Talk show and America's Next Top Model host Tyra Banks has also gotten in on the action. She had both candidates on her show, but has thrown her support fully behind Barack Obama.

Tyra released a statement this week about her decision to support Obama. After years of this country being run by George W. Bush, she said, it’s time for a change. "Throughout this historic presidential campaign, I have been inspired by Senator Barack Obama and his message of change,” she said. "I believe he will uplift all Americans during these critical times. I will be voting for Obama because I feel America is not only ready for this change, we are in need of it."

Today, during her talk show, a quick PSA ran featuring Tyra imploring her viewers to go to the polls tomorrow and vote. “You guys are registered, you are informed, and now you have got to take action and vote,” she said. Her point is well taken. In the last two elections, 6.2 million young people between the ages of 18-24 registered to vote but did not show up on Election Day. “Don’t let that be you. Make yourself heard. This is your future,” she said. “Please go vote tomorrow, November 4th, Election Day. You better be there!”

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Source: The Tyra Banks Show
(Image courtesy of The Tyra Banks Show)