America's Next Top Model: The Controversy Over Isis
This season, America's Next Top Model raised a few eyebrows when Tyra Banks cast trangendered model Isis on the show.  She first discovered the aspiring model last season when she participated in a photo shoot raising awareness about homeless youth in America.  Isis was in the background for the shoot but made enough of an impression on Tyra that she tracked her down to be part of cycle 11.  The fact that Isis joined the show certainly gave Top Model some extra press and attention leading up to the season premiere.  Not all of it was positive feedback and not everybody was ready for a transgendered model, especially Isis's fellow competitors.

In the second episode, when the girls realized that Isis had been born a man, the backlash began.  They said a man didn't belong in the competition and that the show wasn't called America's Next Top Drag Queen.  In the third episode, Hannah pushed Isis away from her in the hot tub, not wanting to get too close to her.  Ignorant comments flew all over the place and only a few girls jumped in to stop them from continuing.

Sheena and Analeigh have both been vocal supporters of Isis, defending her to the other girls and sitting with her while she gave herself hormone injections.  In Nikeysha's interview with BuddyTV last week, she spoke highly of Isis, saying, "Isis takes some great photos and she really knows her light and her body and all that. They try to play it like she shouldn't be in this competition because of who she is and because she was born in the wrong body, but she seems to know her body more than the rest of us. So I guess she's more of a woman than some of the girls in this competition."

Nikeysha makes a good point.  Isis as much of a woman as anybody else in that competition, with a few physical differences.  Her first photo, where she represented the issue of keeping your presidential vote private, was absolutely stunning.  She slipped back this past week and found herself in the bottom two and it was obvious she lost a little confidence.  There must be days where she feels like it's the world against Isis but if she can stay strong, ignore the comments, and just pose, she should be sticking around a lot longer than her haters.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of CW)