'America's Next Top Model' Rewind: Season 4
Cycle 4 of America's Next Top Model gave us some of the most memorable contestants and moments in the show's history.  The season remains, to this day, a fan favorite.  Janice Dickinson was still hanging around, judging, and being very "Janice".  Nigel Barker also stayed on to judge along with Nole Marin, who appeared the prior season as well. 

The show moved from Los Angeles to New York City and the girls who made it far in the competition were sent to South Africa for the international destination.  From Rebecca's faint to Tyra's meltdown, let's take a look back at the cycle that went down as one of the best in Top Model history.

In cycle 4, an incident occurred that went down in reality history.  In episode 3, Rebecca Epley suddenly collapsed into a dead faint in the middle of judging.  The clip was seen all over the internet and on many television shows, even ranking on VH1's 40 Greatest Reality TV Moments.  It turns out that Epley's collapse was due to a childhood medical condition and she ended up being fine, continued in the competition, but was later sent home in a double elimination episode.

In that double elimination episode, another memorable moment came when Tyra lost her cool with model Tiffany Richardson.  Tyra was unhappy with Tiffany's attitude and when she makes excuses, Tyra loses it and begins screaming at her in front of the other models and judges.

One of the most bittersweet moments in Top Model history came when contestant Kahlen Rondot received the bad news that her good friend from high school had died.  As if that weren't hard enough to handle, the girls had to do a photo shoot that week six feet under in a coffin.  With moral support from her fellow contestants and Jay Manuel, Kahlen, a fan favorite, turned out an amazing picture, which helped get her to the final two.

Winner Naima Mora, a Detroit native, was strong the entire season from start to finish.  She was the undefeated Cover Girl of the Week the entire season.  Since winning America's Next Top Model, Naima has gone on to pose for Elle, US Weekly, In Touch, and People magazines.  She and her sister modeled for an ITunes ad and she has appeared in several runway shows.

A new cycle of Top Model starts next Wednesday and we'll be looking back at a different cycle each day as we lead up to premiere night.  Check back each day for a new rewind and post your favorite moments here!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of Marshu)