'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Pride Week Hits Close to Home for Some of the Women
'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Pride Week Hits Close to Home for Some of the Women
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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In this episode of America's Next Top Model, titled "Beauty is Pride," the women perform in a pop-up fashion show during Pride Week, Liberty's conservative political views alienate her from some of the other women in the house and the girls get a chance to pose with some living legends.

If Christina thought the spanking she got during the judges' panel was bad, what she has to endure from the other girls during the ride home is even worse. Shanice asks Christina if she thinks the judges made the wrong choice by sending Coura home, which means Shanice believes they did. Of course, Christina is going to say no. Brendi also calls Christina out for mouthing off to the panel. Brendi warns Christina that she needs to start being more respectful and "come correct," or she's going to wind up going home for her attitude and not her modeling skills. Christina, who never thinks she does anything wrong, disagrees with Brendi.

Odd Woman Out

All of the girls are tired of Christina bragging about her modeling experience and looking down her nose at the rest of them. Christina tells the camera she feels badly, knowing that Coura was better liked, and she feels outnumbered and ganged up on. It's true that nobody comes to Christina's defense.

Show Some Pride

The girls get Tyra mail, informing them that it's Pride Week in LA, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, and urges the women "to show their pride and get ready to go out." This worries Liberty, the small-town girl and Trump supporter. Growing up, Liberty didn't know anyone who was gay, and she has no idea what to expect.

On the other side of the spectrum is Brendi, who is bisexual. She's from Tennessee and hasn't come out (she has now) because she knows that her family won't accept it.

The girls arrive in West Hollywood, where they meet Law, Drew and Stacey McKenzie. West Hollywood is ground zero for gay pride. The models learn that they'll be participating in a pop-up fashion show at a local nightclub, and the audience will be full of rowdy Pride participants. The women will choose their own outfits, which were designed by Christian Cowan, and do their own hair and make-up. This is a challenge, and the winner gets to walk in Christian's show during New York Fashion Week.

As usual, some of the girls kill it, and others prove that they have work to do. Kyla, who considers herself an activist for the LGBTQ community, dons a denim jacket with a picture of Caitlyn Jenner on the back, but Drew is still waiting for her to have a breakthrough moment; she's too relaxed. Brendi is called out for distracting eye make-up and for not being aware of her facial expressions. Brendi gets upset because she feels like she let her community down. Drew reassures Brendi that she didn't let anyone down since she did put her heart and soul into her performance.

Three girls really manage to shine: Jeana, Khrystyana and Erin. But only one girl can walk in Fashion Week, and that girl is Khrystyana.

Feminist AF

Back at the house, Liberty and Kyla have a difference of opinion regarding feminism. Liberty feels like Republicans get a bad rap because Donald Trump can be ... offensive. Liberty doesn't want to be treated the same as a man, using paternity leave as an example. Khrystyana points out that men need help too and feels sometimes when Liberty speaks, she just sounds ignorant. Kyla's idea of a heated debate is to just flip Liberty the bird.

Some Girls Can't Place Nice

Christina decides to try and make more of an effort to bond with the other women, so she heads out to the hot tub, where a group has gathered. Christina tries to explain that her attitude is a result of her upbringing. She was raised in an affluent suburb of Philadelphia, PA. Her mother went to Yale, and Christina comes from a very studious background. Brendi tries to explain to Christina that not everybody came up the way she did, and Christina might want to take that into consideration when interacting with others. Christina corrects Brendi's grammar, which obliterates any progress she may have made, and Christina decides that she's done. Her attempt to be nice just blew up in her face.

All Christina wants is for there to be common courtesy, but the other women just don't like her, and she doesn't know how to make things better. Her primary concern is how all of this drama is affecting her photo shoots.

Queens for a Day

It's time for the photo shoot, and in keeping with the theme of the episode, the women learn that they'll be posing with RuPaul's Drag Race fan favorites Valentina, Katya and Manila. The shoot has a royalty theme. Each wannabe model will be a princess posing alongside one of the legendary queens. It's all about the daughters trying to dethrone their mothers.

Liberty's never come face-to-face with a drag queen, and she's determined to keep her composure. Kyla thinks Liberty is fake. There's a definite contradiction between what comes out of Liberty's mouth and how she behaves. Katya sees Liberty as a corn-fed, innocent princess and worries for her future.

Katya is a huge fan of Khrystyana's, who she thinks is so beautiful that it's disgusting. Khrystyana is the real-life embodiment of what Katya imagines she looks like when she's in drag.

Kyla continues to disappoint Drew. She fails to bring the activism or the model, and with 10 girls left, he thinks she's far behind. If she doesn't step up her game, she'll be going home.

There's still tension between Christina and Brendi. Brendi doesn't perform well, and Christina revels in Brendi's struggle. Christina doesn't think Brendi belongs in the competition.

Judges' Panel

First up is Christina, and Ashley praises her for taking Tyra's advice at the last panel by bringing down her face. Now Christina looks more editorial.

Law tells Shanice that even though Valentina is one of the prettiest queens around, all he can see is Shanice in the picture, which is hard to do because Valentina "serves."

Law thinks Khrystyana's photo is pure perfection.

While Tyra and Law find Brendi's picture to be okay, Drew doesn't think it's good. He's seen so many girls with a look similar to Brendi's, and they do it a lot better. Brendi lacks star quality.

Tyra is obsessed with Jeana's picture, even though Drew thinks she gets lost in the shot.

Law calls Erin "the quintessential black beauty." Tyra feels like Erin is channeling another queen, Diana Ross.

Ashley loves Sandra's face but doesn't think Sandra's body measures up. Law comments that it looks like an ad for a bridal boutique.

Tyra is beginning to question if Liberty is a model or just a beautiful woman. Drew thinks that Liberty was great after makeovers but is slowly going down.

Ashley and Tyra like Rio's photo but think a slight change in position could have been the difference between a good picture and a great one. Tyra urges Rio to not play it safe.

Tyra reveals to Kyla that her film is the weakest out of all the girls. Law sees the photo as proof the Kyla isn't listening to their critiques, and if she's not listening, she shouldn't be in the competition.

Khrystyana earns best photo. Shanice is the runner-up, and she gets emotional because she wanted to do well for her sister, who is gay but isn't being accepted by their mother.

The bottom two are Liberty and Kyla. Liberty is eliminated.

Can someone with Liberty's political views succeed in the modeling business? Can Christina and Brendi learn to get along? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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