'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Rio Flips Out and Goes After Sandra
'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Rio Flips Out and Goes After Sandra
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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In this episode of America's Top Model, titled "Beauty is Unconventional," the women team up for video vlogs, Rio's jealousy of Sandra causes friction and Ashley Graham poses with two lucky girls during a photo shoot.

The girls are on edge after the exits of Liz -- who left voluntarily -- and Rhiyan, who was eliminated. Coura still keeps landing in the bottom and feels she isn't living up to Tyra's expectations.

Come On, Vlog

Ashley surprises the girls by dropping by the house to talk about unconventional beauty. She tells the women how the modeling industry is currently embracing everyone: different types of bodies, genders and skin tones. Ashley shares that she had her fair share of criticism regarding her weight, but once she decided to make her own rules she began to succeed. Some of the girls reveal how they're uncomfortable with their looks, but Sandra isn't one of them. She tells the camera that she's very happy with her appearance, and she has a hard time relating to the other women who lack her self-confidence. 

Ashley introduces the group to famed beauty blogger Patrick Starr. Social media helped to launch Patrick, and he urges the women to not be afraid to utilize their social media and to express themselves. Patrick isn't just there to give advice; he's helping with the next challenge -- the women will be making their own beauty vlog. It's a team challenge, but there's only one winner. The winning vlog will be featured on Patrick's channel, and one woman will get an advantage in the next photo shoot. 

This challenge also has a twist. The girls receive backs that contain "unconventional" beauty hacks: hard-boiled eggs, condoms, Scotch tape, shaving cream, a razor and other odd items.

Patrick sits down with each of the teams, and they get one take to explain their beauty tip: Christina and Rio demonstrate how to use tape for contouring; Jeana and Kyla use chicken cutlets for blending; Sandra and Shanice create a "condom blender"; Liberty and Erin also go the blender route using a hard-boiled egg; and Khrystyana, Brendi and Coura execute a facial using a razor and shaving cream.

Rio does a lot of hating during this challenge. She's not a fan of Christina, who she thinks is "bougie," and she is annoyed by Sandra, who does YouTube tutorials and is a natural in front of the camera. 

Sandra wins the challenge. Rio is super salty. Her baby sister is a huge fan of Patrick's, and she really wanted to win. She bitches that Sandra has an advantage since she's an Instagram girl with a huge social media following. Rio is tired of competing against "Little Miss Pretty Princess." She reminds viewers that she had a brain tumor and wasn't always considered beautiful, unlike Sandra.

Green is Not a Good Color

The girls go out for dinner. Rio asks the others to raise their glasses and toast to her baby sister, who just graduated from high school. Then she decides to discuss how disappointing the day was for her. Rio's always considered herself an overachiever, and her inability to win any of the challenges, especially the YouTube vlog, makes her feel like she's let not only herself down but her family as well. Rio is convinced that because her sister is a fan of Patrick Starr and happened to be graduating high school the day of the challenge, the universe was aligned for her to win. 

Rio goes after Sandra for no other reason than Sandra reminds her of all the girls in high school who she tried hard to compete with. Even though she had the skills, they got acknowledged over her. Sandra pretty much responds how anyone in this situation should -- that sounds like a Rio problem, not a Sandra problem.

Beauty Sandwich

The photo shoot takes place at the house. Drew informs the women that they'll be stacking their faces on top of each other, making a "beauty sandwich." This shoot is all about the face. Time to smize, girls! Since Sandra won the challenge, she gets to shoot with Ashley and choose a friend to be part of their photo. Sandra chooses Kyla. 

The other groups are:
Coura, Rio and Jeana
Khyrstyana, Liberty and Brendi
Christina, Erin and Shanice

Coura struggles again. And Christina, who never misses a chance to brag about her vast experience, also performs poorly but is worried that Shanice and Erin dragged her down instead of the other way around.

Rio refuses to watch Ashley, Sandra and Kyla shoot because she's pissed. She doesn't want to lose her cool.

Judges' Panel

Rio's attitude sucks, but she perks up when Drew tells her she crushed the photo shoot. Tyra thinks Coura is a hot mess. And while Jeana looks good, Rio is the star of the photo. 

Ashley thinks Shanice killed it, and Law agrees that she looks stunning. Erin and Christina don't fare as well. Tyra thinks Erin just appears "smushed," and Christina doesn't bring anything to the party. It's Shanice who is holding the whole shot down. Shanice tells Tyra that Christina -- who is on top in the picture -- is weighing everyone else down, literally. Christina makes it clear that she works out every morning, which has nothing to do with anything, and Drew thinks it's just a "humble brag." Christina argues with the judges, but it doesn't help her cause. Ashley accuses Christina of failing to be a team player. 

Khrystyana gets praise from Ashley for nailing every shot, and the judge thinks Brendi's eyes are stunning. Law points out that Khyrstyana and Brendi are edgy, but Liberty's a bit "cotton candy." 

It's no surprise that Kyla, Sandra and Ashley's shot blows the judges away. Sandra and Kyla got lots of extra pointers from Ashley, and it shows in the final product. Drew thinks the photo is the most beautiful one Sandra's taken in the entire competition. 

Rio gets best photo. Coura and Christina end up in the bottom two. Coura is eliminated.

Will Christina adjust her attitude? Will Rio's jealousy continue to be a problem? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. 

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