'America's Next Top Model' Recap: The Women Get Their Signature Looks
'America's Next Top Model' Recap: The Women Get Their Signature Looks
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this episode of America's Next Top Model, titled "Beauty Is a Trademark," the women get makeovers, and the changes prove especially difficult for Jeana, Shanice and Brendi K, the ladies work with Director X and another hopeful is eliminated. 

The ladies get a Tyra mail, informing them it's time for makeovers. With the whole "next level fierce" theme going on, expect these new looks to be edgier than those in the past. It never fails that at least a few of the girls will have a complete meltdown, even though they knew this is coming. The models-in-training don't even have to wait to get to the salon before they find out what their new looks will be because Tyra reveals this info in her mail.

Makeover Madness

Usually, the makeovers provide enough drama for one episode, but a disagreement between Sandra and Christina causes some additional chaos. Christina accuses Sandra of bumping into her and demands an apology. Sandra doesn't feel an accidental shoulder bump is a big deal and believes Christina is just an instigator. 

Brendi also has issues with Christina because she asked Brendi to throw away her trash. We know that Brendi is sensitive when it comes to the other girls cleaning up after themselves, so she seems to view Christina's request as more of an order. Christina thinks Brendi is rallying the other girls to gang up on her and stomps off, bursts into tears and calls Brendi "trailer trash." 

The women head to the salon where they're met by Drew and Law. Coura learns that she won't have to endure any changes to her appearance. All of the judges love her look. Coura is a clear frontrunner since not only did she have the winning photograph from the previous week, but she's so hot, the judges don't want to touch one hair on her head. 

Brendi, who bares a passing resemblance to actress Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men, The Handmaid's Tale) gets her head shaved, Rhiyan gets a super-long weave, Kyla gets a very subtle color change, Sandra loses a few inches of her long mane, Christina goes green, Liberty becomes a redhead, Erin gets a weave but keeps her dark color, Rio gets a cut and goes platinum blonde, Ivana loses quite a bit of length which results in a darker shade, Liz trades in blonde for pink with bangs and Khrystyana goes less brassy and loses her dark roots

Jeana, who suffers from an autoimmune condition that causes her to lose her hair, is very nervous. She's going to have to shed her wig. Law and Drew are there to support Jeana who herself isn't entirely sure of what's under her fake follicles -- sometimes there's hair, sometimes there isn't. Law encourages Jeana to turn her tragedy into her platform. When the time comes for the big reveal, Law breaks down, and it's Jeana's turn to comfort him. She is basically bald, but the girl is still stunning, and how many women in America are walking around with their real hair anyway? So, a newly-liberated Jeana gets to embrace what the good Lord gave her. 

Shanice is set to get a weave but reveals to Drew that she has psoriasis and worries how the new hairstyle will affect her condition. Drew calls Tyra, and they decide to work with Shanice's natural hair. They want to do everything they can to make her beautiful but healthy as well. Shanice feels let down. She really wants to see what Tyra had in mind for her trademark look. She cries, Drew comforts her and Shanice's end look closely resembles exactly what she started out with. 

Embracing Their Trademark Looks

After all the emotional turmoil of makeovers, the women learn they're going to show off their trademark looks in action while making a high fashion video. This is how they're going to introduce their signature look to Tyra. The man in charge of this endeavor is Director X. He's looking for models who can step out of their comfort zones and take direction. 

Drew calls Rhiyan a "major disappointment." Director X thinks Jeana owns her look and works it top to bottom. Ivana, whose inspiration is the character Nomi from Showgirls, fails to impress and earns the title "hot mess." Shanice is still bummed she didn't get her trademark look, and it causes her to "fade into the background," according to Drew. Liberty really brings out her fierceness and edginess which shocks the other girls (Liberty is the small-town Trump supporter.) Brendi worries she looks too masculine. 

The Judges' Panel

After a tumultuous week, the women go in front of the judges. Tyra tells the women that their transformations also released their vulnerabilities, and that is a beautiful thing. Tyra singles out Jeana for being an inspiration to the judges, and Law emerges minus his wig (vast improvement). Drew comes out and reveals he has vitiligo, a skin pigment condition that causes white patches. This episode is all about accepting who you are and believing you're beautiful. (Great message right before you criticize their looks, Tyra.)

Law is blown away by Jeana, so much so he can't even remember what she looked like before. 

Ashley is very excited by the new and improved Liberty who took a lot of risks in her video. Drew comments that Liberty's red hair caused her to bring the fire, and he encourages her to stay the course. 

Ashley finds Christina "one-dimensional." 

Tyra is a fan of Coura's big, crazy moments (very Grace Slick) but finds her soft moments boring. She doesn't expect perfection but urges Coura to "get it together."

Law calls Shanice "one note," and he means her personality as well as her video. He accuses her of sucking the energy out of the room and wonders if she's strong enough to handle the competition. She's got to stop acting pitiful, or she's going right back where she came from. 

Tyra doesn't like Khrystyana's video. Tyra wants to see more consistency. 

Tyra calls Brendi "Angelina Jolie with a buzz cut." In spite of all her doubts, Brendi still impresses the judges. Drew thinks the Brendi in the video has what it takes to win the competition, but he's less confident that the Brendi in panel can. He accuses her of standing in her own way of all the amazing things she can do.

Ashley thinks Kyla is gorgeous and could have a make-up campaign immediately. Law finds her to be the most "model-esque" girl in the competition. 

Rhiyan needs to bring more faces while Sandra is "boring," and Liz gives Tyra chills

Erin is killing it -- if it were 1996, according to Law. Tyra tells Erin she needs to transcend her age. She has to look good, not good for 42. 

Tyra doesn't think Ivana realizes just how beautiful she is and doesn't see what the judges see. The judges are frustrated by Ivana's energy. Ivana breaks down, blaming her issues on a lifetime of constant rejection. 

While the judges deliberate, Liz has another mental break and tangles with Brendi. Liz throws Brendi's crappy home life in her face which almost gets her bitch-slapped. Brendi has to leave the room while the other girls chastise Liz for her low blow.

Liberty wins best video. Shanice and Ivana land in the bottom two. Ivana is eliminated from the competition.

Tyra lectures Ivana about disproving her naysayers which seems a bit ironic since by eliminating Ivana, the judges probably only reinforced her low self-esteem. 

Who are the biggest troublemakers in the house? Who has the most compelling backstory? Who's your favorite? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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