'America's Next Top Model' Recap: The Girls Get Makeovers and Pose Nude
'America's Next Top Model' Recap: The Girls Get Makeovers and Pose Nude
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this episode of America's Next Top Model, "Make Your Mark," the girls get new looks, Courtney continues to clash with several of her roommates and the women bare all for a photo shoot.

The remaining girls head back to the brownstone after their first panel. Cody is riding high on having the best photograph, and her sister, Tash, considers it a victory as well since the two girls "practically share the same face." Courtney is put off by the twins' confidence because you never know what the future holds.

Cory Anne Hates Comparisons and Courtney's Curfew Clash

Cory Anne is feeling the pressure. All of her friends are models, her mom is a former supermodel and she's a signed model herself. Landing in the bottom two was an eye opener. Cory Anne confides in Tatiana that she doesn't mind criticism, but she wants it to be all about her and not her mother. Cory Anne doesn't want to follow in mom's footsteps -- which apparently aren't big enough -- she wants to be a "star."

The girls get a message from Rita, encouraging them to take in all of the judges' advice and critiques because they expect the girls to up their games at every photo shoot. The models take this as a clue that they'll have a photo shoot the following day.

Photo shoots make Krislian nervous since she feels the judges have her in a mold. She's the hot, sexy, Latina with the big booty who oozes sex appeal. And she's also a bit of a shorty, so she's got to sell the fact that she can do high fashion.

It wouldn't be America's Next Top Model without some drama, so before the lights go out, there's some friction. A coughing Courtney is feeling under the weather, but when she asks chatterboxes Tash, Cody and Marissa to quiet down, they rip into her like lions jumping on an injured gazelle at the watering hole. Courtney leaves and breaks down into tears. She finds refuge and comfort with Giah who figures the other girls are just jealous. The girls are just talking about her because she's a big threat. Cherish tries to play peacemaker, but the ladies are "sorry, not sorry."

Makeover Madness

The models arrive at their next photo shoot and learn from Ora and Elliot that they'll be getting makeovers. It's important for models to have a "signature style," and they've created one for each and every contestant.

As usual, some girls are more excited than others. Ginger Cherish learns that her hair will be "fiery red" which wouldn't seem like a big deal, but she complains to the others that her particular locks are unique, and she doesn't want a generic bottle job. Cherish tries to explain to renown hairstylist Sally Hershberger that her hair is virgin territory (It's never been touched), but Hershberger makes it clear that if Cherish wants to be a top model, she's going to have to "pop that cherry" so to speak.

Ora comforts a crying Cherish and lets her know that Hershberger has had her hands on the heads of such A-Listers as Julia Roberts, Gigi Hadid, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington just to name a few.

Tash is concerned about her new more masculine haircut. She points out to Ora that her sister is the androgynous one, while Tash prefers to be more girly. Ora tries to reassure Tash that they aren't trying to change who she is or how she acts. They just want to give her a more singular look. Tash should embrace separating herself from her sister since the judges have no need to keep look-a-likes around.

Naked and Afraid

Ashley Graham arrives with some big news. For the photo shoot, the ladies will be sporting their new looks, and only their new looks. They will be posing nude. They will also be posing in groups, so they need to really work together as a team. Elliot announces the girls will be shot by a world-renowned photographer, Ellen Von Unwerth.

The nude bombshell hits Tash and India particularly hard. Tash isn't digging her new look and feels insecure baring it all, and India has a moral objection to showing her naughty bits to the world. Tash has a meltdown in the bathroom, yelling that she's a girly girl who likes to be flirty and wear skirts. Graham pulls Tash aside and explains that this is when the brand, the boss and the business separate. At the end of the day, Tash's look will always be changing, and she's got to own it because that's what a boss does.

With makeovers finished, it's time to get naked. The girls get fired up when they see a naked Graham posing in front of a backdrop of hanging pearls. She invites them to join her, and everybody takes her up on the offer except for India. She's not one to just rip off her robe and run around naked. India worries this might be the one shoot she just can't do.

Elliot puts the girls into groups. The first trio is Cherish, Krislian and Binta. Neither Cherish or Krislian are pleased with their hair (Krislian got fringe bangs), and Cherish has a hard time overcoming her pissy attitude to get a good pic. Elliot criticizes Krislian for being a bit too "video vixen."

Cody, Cory Anne, and Kyle go next. Cody thinks she looks like a dude in a wig but promises she's all lady once that photo snaps. Cory Anne's longer tresses give her some much-needed confidence, and she feels she did much better this time around. But the big question is did she do better than everyone else?

India pulls it together and strips down with Paige and Marissa. India's new purple hair definitely sets her apart, even if at one point, her vag is just inches from Marissa's face. (I wonder if the carpet was dyed to match the drapes?)

While Courtney and Tash are forced to work together along with Giah, Tash struggles through the shoot. Courtney thinks Tash doesn't know what to do with her body and winds up flailing around, and Giah is annoyed the twin can't get her act together and fake it until she makes it.

After the photo shoot, self-professed mean girl Marissa tries to make amends with Courtney. She feels closer to all the girls after hanging around naked with them all day. Courtney gives Marissa credit for having the balls to apologize, and both women agree they can get along moving forward.

Judges' Panel

The girls rock their new looks at panel, earning praise from Ora who says they all look stunning. (I miss the days of Janice Dickinson, and the judges calling out girls from the get go for looking like a hot mess. And where are the guest judges?)

While the girls are featured in groups, they still receive individual critiques. Squad one is up first. Cory Anne redeems herself with both Law and Elliot proclaiming this photo to be her best. Graham tells Kyle that she knows her body and how to work her angles, and Graham thinks Tatiana is supermodel material. Law calls tomboy Cody's look "beyond."

Squad two, Marissa, Paige and India, blow the judges away with their photo. Graham tells Marissa she rocked it and to keep doing what she's doing.; Ora calls Paige's booty hot and is impressed that she was able to be feminine and classy with her rocker look; Law loves India's face and her range, and Ora encourages India to set her limits and stick to them.

Squad three, Binta, Cherish and Krislian, are a collective hit, but Graham doesn't love Binta. She criticizes her for hiding herself too much, and Ora warns her she has to give face in every single shot. Krislian can't break the sexy curse and could be permanently banished from the editorial world. Ora states that Cherish's photo does her no justice, and after watching Cherish on set, Elliot isn't confident that Cherish is a model. Cherish insists she can do better, and she wants to prove it.

Squad four, Courtney, Cody and Giah, earn the title of "Gangster Squad." Graham calls Tash a badass and if she didn't know better, would think Tash had been sporting her new look for a long time. For Ora, Tash has become the dark horse of the competition. While Elliot loves Giah's new trademark look, he warns her that her next shoot is going to have to be really strong for her to continue in the competition. Courtney is singled out for being timeless and just plain yummy.

It's a bit surprising how kind the judges are this season, especially when Tyra would tear girls apart at panel if they complained about a makeover.

The judges debate and determine that their faves are Cory Anne, Courtney and India. Graham does have reservations about Courtney. She may have the beauty but not the boss or the brand.

Cherish is in the bottom for the second week in a row, and Ora questions if Krislian can be transformed, although Elliot has seen improvement. Also on the chopping block is Giah, who just doesn't have the extra hmmph that Graham is looking for.

Courtney gets "best photo." Cherish and Krislian are in the bottom two and then Cherish is eliminated.

Cherish feels like she compromised her integrity for nothing and feels she did amazing in the photo shoot. The judges may not see her as a top model, but Cherish's ego remains intact -- she's a unicorn.

Can Courtney and Marissa keep the peace? Did India sell out by going nude? Do you agree with the judges' decision to send Cherish home? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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