'America's Next Top Model' Promo: Tyra is Haunted By Her Own Bad Impressions of the All-Stars
'America's Next Top Model' Promo: Tyra is Haunted By Her Own Bad Impressions of the All-Stars
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In this latest promo for America's Next Top Model: All-Stars, which premieres Wednesday at 9pm on the CW, we see how Tyra came up with the idea to do an all-star cycle in the first place.

Night in and night out, she's been haunted by visions of Top Model's craziest contestants begging and pleading for another shot at the title. Everybody wants a piece of her! Even in her dreams!

Not even her "Smize" teddybear can give Tyra comfort from the Ghosts of Models Past -- none of whom are actually dead, though clearly their careers are in need of some reanimation.

Of course, instead of the models playing themselves in her nightmare-vision-promo, Tyra plays all of them. (Poorly, manically and hilariously, as is her way.) Because one thing we must never forget is that even on an All-Star cycle, the ultimate all-star is always Tyra.

WATCH, LAUGH, LOVE, and FEAR a little bit, too:

Amazing. Honestly, how has this woman never hosted SNL? Her impersonation abilities are uncanny.

Other things we can learn from this All-Stars promo, besides the fact that here is definitive evidence that the whole "high fashion" angle is deader than a ghost (hooray!): Tyra lives in a log cabin. On a planet whose moon is much closer to its surface than Earth's. That actually explains a lot.

While you anxiously await Wednesday's premiere, why not check out what Andre's porkpie hat thinks about the season, what Nigel and Brittany have to say about the 'explosive' drama, and then brush up on your all-stars?

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