America's Next Top Model - Natasha Galinka's Top Five Moments

This twenty-one year old Russia-by-way-of-Texas beauty was one of the biggest surprises of the season. Natasha Galinka was in the bottom two during the very first panel, and wound up making it all the way to the final two. She was also one of the first models of recent Eastern European heritage to make it on the show, reflecting the current trends in the modeling world.

While she was not ultimately selected as America’s Next Top Model, she still impressed the judges, and won herself a loyal fan base, if the comments here at BuddyTV are any indication.

She was also a constant source of entertainment on this Cycle, sometimes (brilliantly) intentionally, other times, not so much.

As we look back on this Cycle of America's Next Top Model, we’ll review some of the brightest and darkest moments of her time on the show.

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- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of CW)