America's Next Top Model: Judging by Appearances, Part Two
Yesterday, we reviewed four of the modelettes recently announced as the 13 finalists for America's Next Top Model cycle 9. We got out the calipers and measured their facial features for symmetry…oh, who are we kidding, we just looked at their solo and group photos.

We're trying to figure out: which girl looks likely to cause Jay Manuel to roll his eyes with exasperation and sigh “Last frame!” during her shoot as she struggles to “put a thought in her head” (as he loves to say)? And which girl seems likely to inspire Jay to run around trying to incite envy in the other modelettes with his breathless report about how great she was in front of the camera?

Today, it's the next group of four to pass under our merciless scrutiny. Click through and see if you agree!

Once again, here's the group photo with all 13 girls.

Heather's pose and hair aren't doing much for her in this shot. However, she should be the picture in the dictionary next to the word “willowy.” And while her facial expression is a little passive, there's something in her eyes that seems to be, as they say, connecting with the camera, and she's well-nigh smoldering in the group shot. Interesting. Might be one to watch.

Janet has a beautiful face, and while I'm normally a fan of shorter hair, I am hoping that Tyra gives her extensions during the makeovers. I think her shorter ‘do is creating the kind of dreaded hot-soccer-mom look that plagued Renee Alway last year. Her face has a classic beauty and sophistication that could really work in her favor, but with a haircut that ages her, “sophisticated” can read “old” at the judges' table. And yes, as it was with Renee, it's horrifying once again to use the word “old” in reference to a young and beautiful woman, but this is America's Next Top Model and sometimes the truth is horrifying.

I think Jenah must have made the makeup artist, photographer - well, everyone involved with the shoot - very angry right before she had this picture taken. I can't imagine why else anyone would let her first picture on America's Next Top Model be with such dragalicious makeup. I don't know if I can even make an assessment based on this photo, although I will just say two words: Frightened Rabbit.

In the group photo, on the other hand, her makeup is still very strong, but she's working a kind of mildly androgynous hipster-type vibe that is actually pretty fashion-forward. I don't know if Cover Girl is really ready to represent the Misshapes demographic, but this is a happening look right now otherwise in the fashion world. Then again, America's Next Top Model world doesn't always intersect with the actual fashion world. Some of our commmenters think she will be first to go. What do you think?

As we've reported, Kimberly is actually already Ocala's Next Top Model. Her photos from that shoot show a very All-American classic commercial look. This photo, on the other hand, is a little awkward, but points to the potential for her ability to also capture the high-fashion editorial edge. She might also be one to watch out for if she can capitalize on her potential.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on the new modelettes below. Come back here tomorrow for the third and final installment of our "Judging by Appearances" for cycle 9.  Click below to read yesterday's part one.

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- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy of CWTV)