America's Next Top Model: Hometown Perspective on Jenah Doucette
This past Wednesday's America's Next Top Model premiere gave us our first insight into the personalities that go along with the photos of our new batch of modelettes. And of course, a crop of polite, humble and sweet-natured girls would make for tediously boring television, so a few of those girls came across as…well, to put it charitably, a little something other than polite, humble and sweet-natured.

One of those girls was Jenah Doucette, whose comments, including that the other girls were “terrified” of her, came across as arrogant to many viewers. However, we don't ever really know what a person might be like away from the cameras, and how what we might think of them away from the interference of an editor aiming to shape them into a reality show character. Some folks from Jenah's hometown think you might not think the same of her if you met her in person.

Students from her Connecticut high school, Farmington High, said that Jenah is actually “quiet and laid back,” and “the type that was friends with everyone.”

Her interest in modeling, they think, seems like a new development, with an acquaintance saying, "She never really expressed an interest in modeling to me, but she looks gorgeous and I think she'll go far."

Another acquaintance agrees, "I was surprised when I heard [she was on America's Next Top Model] but you can tell, she has that tall skinny model thing going on."

Jenah initially seemed to be rubbing many of our readers the wrong way in the poll we included in our recap of the premiere episode, but as time as passed, she's actually fallen down in the rankings, with Ebony currently comfortably in the top spot as most irritating.

Don't forget that Eva Pigford, aka Eva the Diva, was also painted as pretty unlikable in early episodes of her cycle of America's Next Top Model, so there's no telling how far Jenah, Ebony, or any of the other girls can go as episodes progress.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: New Britain Herald
(Image courtesy of CW)