America's Next Top Model: First Impressions
Normally on Thursdays, we will be posting the Best and Worst Photos of the previous night's America's Next Top Model. It's an exercise in which I attempt to put years of pouring over Vogue, Elle, W and other glossy fashion mags to good use by reviewing the results of the shoots and assessing the strength of the photos.

However, so far, no additional photos are available for the 13 girls selected last night other than the original profile shots, which I've pretty much already picked over in the three-part Judging by Appearances columns.

So I am left today to judge the girls on something else entirely: their personality.  I'm a little rusty judging America's Next Top Model modelettes on anything but completely superficial criteria; I hope I don't strain anything.

Most Likable

Lisa, the “bikini dancer.” I found her to be sweetly vulnerable despite a profession that might make one a little world-weary and closed-off. Sure, she also performed a clothed lapdance on one of her fellow modelettes, and I don't know if that's exactly Cover Girl-approved behavior…but then again, times change, you can take strip aerobics class at the gym now, so who knows? Maybe America could be ready for an exotic dancing Top Model.

Saleisha, who had been to Tyra's T-Zone camp. I am probably biased because I found her photo to be one of the most interesting, but I also just found there to be something generally likable about how she presented herself.

Most Interesting Story

Of the 13 women who will be moving on, I am most fascinated by Heather, the modelette with Asperger Syndrome, a mild variant of autism.

Some individuals who have or who study Asperger Syndrome feel it's not a disability or disease to be managed, rather a different way of thinking and processing information as valid as any other. Whether Heather considers her Asperger Syndrome itself a problem or simply a different way of being might be a big factor as to how well she holds up in the pressure of competition.

And it will also be interesting to see how the other modelettes in the house handle it. An America's Next Top Model house can be cliquey and socially tricky for anyone to navigate. Having any kind of difference at all can make a girl a target as the competition starts to wear the girls down.

Most Likely to Earn the Wrath of Tyra

You know how with bears...or maybe're not supposed to look them in the eye...or you have to look them in the eye...or something? Well, anyway, I know fashion, I don't know fauna so let's just say in the wild, there are certain things that you don't want to do because it will rile up the wild animal.

When the wild animal in question is Tyra Banks in her ruthless America's Next Top Model judge persona, the last thing any modelette wants to do is get her all riled up.

And much like blood in the water attracts a shark (there's a wildlife example that works!), nothing gets Tyra baring her teeth like ignorant hubris.

Mila's sunny disposition might work in her favor, with her merry insistence that crying is a waste of time. However, as the editors made clear by juxtaposing her trouble-free life against hard-luck story Marvita, it's easy to not cry when you don't have much to cry about.

And Tyra can give you something to cry about, Mila. I cannot stress this enough.  And I think if you don't tone it down, she will.

Remember Jaeda Young from cycle 7? She made the mistake of talking too much early on about how she was the hot girl from high school. Tyra never let her live that down and chopped off all her hair in retaliation.

Mila is not the only girl on this list...Jenah and Ebony, I'm looking at you, too.

Most Likely to Seriously Annoy Me if She Doesn't Stop Talking About Yale

Victoria, to paraphrase David Spade: OK, you're smart, we get it.

All of the other girls seemed pretty likable, but of course, we are just starting on this process, so their stories can change on a dime as thing progress. After all, last season, Renee Alway was painted as House Villain early on, but as she continued to succeed, she was shown to be a little softer and more likable. We'll have to see how these girls' stories unfold in future episodes.

So there you have it...what did you think of the girls?  Leave your thoughts below!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of CW)