'America's Next Top Model' Finale Live Recap: And the Winner Is ...
'America's Next Top Model' Finale Live Recap: And the Winner Is ...
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Tonight on America's Next Top Model: The final four--Krista, Raina, Angelea and Alexandra (who apparently doesn't matter because she's not pictured here with a bouquet from Andre)--will compete for Tyra's title in a whirlwind of photo shoots, runway shows and Covergirl commercials, among other obstacles.

Two girls will be eliminated in the first hour, and then, after a runway show for designer Anna Sui, one will be crowned America's Next Top Model.

Photos and Videos from Tonight's Finale:
- Final Photos from Tonight's Photo Shoot, "Ugly Pretty Woman"
- Behind the Scenes Photos from Tonight's Finale
- Top Model Finale Clips: A Runway Inside the Plane

Who Should Win?
In our poll today, an overwhelming 76% of you thought that Raina deserved to be called the Cycle 14 Top Model. But will Tyra, Andre, Nigel and their special guest judges agree? We shall see. (And probably not.)

Tonight's Recap: LIVE!
Usually, my Top Model recaps come after the fact as, to really make the most of every morsel of this revolving freak show, they require hours of terrible joke-making and Photoshopping. But in honor of tonight's nail-biting finale, I'll be live-recapping this 2-hour sh*tshow like a boss, and I hope you'll join me for some (respectful) discussion in the comments. Or, at the very least, some off-color (but no-swear-word) name-calling in the comments.


We start out by checking in with our final four:
Krista: Doesn't want to go back to being a store manager. Who would blame her?
Alexandra: Thinks she's the full(-figured) package.
Raina: If you're happy and you know it, you're probably Raina. And you probably piss people off.
Angelea: Thinks America's ready for someone "like her" to be Top Model. What do you think, America?

Andre Leon Talley Comes to Visit--and Brings Flowers!
What a gentleman. Andre wants to talk shop (i.e. name-drop and use lots of french words) with the final four. He talks about the origin of the word "dreck," and what it's like to work at Vogue. When he first moved to New York, he worked for Andy Warhol (at $50 a week) as his first job and lived with the "real human cockroaches" at the YMCA. Angelea likes him because she feels like she can relate to his humble beginnings. Then they all get a "big Talley hug." Aww!

A Different Kind of Runway
They're going on a plane to Queenstown. Cue the Jays, who tell the models of their challenge mid-air: the passenger aisle is their new runway. The goal is to bring personality to the walk. The winner will walk in New Zealand fashion week and get to take home $2K worth of jewelry. "No boring, blank faces." Oh yeah: and the walks will take place when the plane goes into "incline."
Alexandra: Her walk is a little stiff, but she makes it fun at the end of the aisle by making flight attendant motions. Very cute. Pretty Tyra (cheesy). A little too stop and start.
Krista: She stalls at the beginning, but makes up for it by playing up her jacket and flashing a genuine, bright smile. The Jays say she needs to take longer steps
Angelea: Too much (per usual). She does her patented "cat hands" and turns around too much. Too much hands, too much "club walking." Raina says she "took it too much as a joke." She doesn't look like a model.
Raina: Miss J says she walks like a line-backer. Angelea calls it boring. Raina thinks she was flirty and fun. The Jays say it lacks her usual grace.

The Challenge Winner: Krista. (Again? Yes, AGAIN!)
How many wins is that in a row? 50? It's clear who the judges are smitten with.

Playing Ugly-Pretty Queens in Queenstown
Jay changed jackets to tell the girls that their backdrop will be the pretty, and they'll be the ugly in this photoshoot. "It's your job as a model to push through and sell anything." He then drops the big bomb: two of them will be going home after this photo shoot.

Angelea: "Mmm, two people going home? That is some drama for your ass."

The Final Photo Shoot
Let's see what Jay says about how each girl did:

Krista: Solid performance all around. Jay after: "It's so broken down, I love it. Good job, Krista!"
Alexandra: "Didn't quite have that fashion edge that we're looking for." But after some direction, Alexandra got to some edgier shots.
Raina: "Raina's shots were pretty. Pretty-pretty. Wasn't edgy enough. I'd really like to see you step out of the same poses." It's hard to tell if she ever did.
Angelea: "Right now you're just giving me model. I need more anger, more intensity. It's a little blank. A lot blank, actually."  (Angelea: "I wish I had a mute button so I could tune his ass out!") In the end, he finally said she gave some shots that were "awkward and cool."

See each of the girls' photos from the "Ugly-Pretty Woman" photo shoot.

Judging Panel: From Final Four to Final Two
The final four are all in black (as is Tyra, in her second-to-last jumpsuit of the season. Now I'm getting teary-eyed!). "You all brought your A-game with your outfits," says the Tyrant.

fina4-antm14.jpgBlack is appropriate. For two of these girls, it's their Top Model funeral.

Photo Judging:
Raina's photo: It's creepy and standoffish, but in a good way. At least to me.
"I think it's absolutely gorgeous. Your eyes are giving an emotion that something happened to you that was perhaps not so sweet and nice." - Andre
"You, to me, were the one that was the prettiest and couldn't break into ugly-pretty." - Tyra

Angelea's photo: Blurry, bug-eyed, bleh.
"You were the most confused with the creative. I'm not a huge fan of the photo." - Jay
"I like this photo because your face feels haunted to me. Almost like you're a ghost." - Tyra

Krista's photo: Very ugly-pretty, and a good use of angles and the photo composition.
"I'm very emotional. I think it's exceptional work. If you took this photo to John Galliano, you would be booked." - Andre
"There's something that you did in this picture that I try to tell models all the time: you created space." - Tyra

Alexandra's photo: Intimidating and fully in character, but not pretty or very high-fashion. She looks like a period-piece villain.
"Quite interesting. It's not very fashion, it feels like a still out of a film." - Nigel
"I love that you're playing with your hand. Very good job." - Tyra



Y'all saw that coming, didn't you? I sure did.

And the SECOND FINALIST is ...


Hello, Raina? Hello? Can you hear me?

raina-antm14.jpgSay your goodbyes to Alexandra and Angelea, everyone. Especially to Angelea, 'cause laaaawd are we gonna miss her flavor for the next hour. Case in point: Angelea does her HAMMER DANCE on the way out. Love it. Case is point #2: Angelea after her elimination tells us, "I'm still that bitch. I know America loves me." YES WE DO! God, I love everything that comes out of that crazy brain of hers.


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