'America's Next Top Model' Episode 9 Preview Videos: 'Hobbits vs. Models'
'America's Next Top Model' Episode 9 Preview Videos: 'Hobbits vs. Models'
With only five left in this Cycle of America's Next Top Model, tonight's episode might as well be called "Models vs. Models." You can even include Tyra Banks in the battle, since she's playing a major role on the upcoming photo shoot.

Check Out Backstage Photos of Tonight's Episode

As we expected, our host will turn photographer for the "Hobbits vs. Models" installment. Much as we hate to admit it, the images she produced came out really well. They might even be considered art by some.

Sneak Peek: The Final Shots of "Hobbits vs. Models"

But even though Tyra wants the spotlight right on her on America's Next Top Model, our focus tonight is the Final Five. The competition is getting tougher with every turn, especially with a photographer even more demanding than Nigel Barker.

Tyra Banks will be shooting the girls on tonight's installment, as you already know, and we'll see how she'll relate those shadow-patterns to New Zealand. With the final shots we've seen, we're not exactly sure what she's going for. Last Cycle, we had hapas in Hawaii. Now, hobbits.

Considering where the girls are, the blatant stereotyping continues. If you haven't picked up on it yet, this episode's title is a nod to Lord of the Rings. The movie version was filmed in New Zealand, and the girls are visiting the set of Hobbiton for their shoot.

For some Tyra-related reason, Top Model is focusing on that instead of opening our eyes to other facets of this beautiful country. As one BuddyTV user pointed out, NZ can't always be equated to Lord of the Rings.

Well, whatever pop culture reference Tyra wants, they get. Although, as you can see below, Angelea doesn't really get it.

Also, hooray for Sarah McLeod! She's not the Australian singer of The Superjesus though, but the lady who played the wife of Frodo's sidekick Samwise. Okay, this geeking must stop; Angelea might come after me.

Although, after seeing this next clip, I'm thinking it's Jessica who's more dangerous. Here's one fiery taco fiasco, ladies and gentlemen.

We'll be rolling in The Shire (it just had to be done) tonight on America's Next Top Model, so don't miss "Hobbits vs. Models" as it airs at 8pm on the CW.

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