'America's Next Top Model' Episode 7 Preview Videos: 'Big Hair Day'
'America's Next Top Model' Episode 7 Preview Videos: 'Big Hair Day'
We're one episode away from the big trip to New Zealand, so we can only expect a big challenge for tonight's America's Next Top Model. The girls will be getting a "Big Hair Day" makeover, which is just perfect for their enormous egos.

Check Out the Girls' Final Shots for "Big Hair Day"

As we've seen on America's Next Top Model, too much self-confidence will always attract envy and scorn from the other girls. We're talking about Angelea, of course. The trailer below illustrates what we all know and fear: karma.

Since New Zealand, land of hobbits and sheep, is what's at stake, you can bet the other girls are ganging up on one another just to make it to the Final Six. Last week, they've already made the division among them clear. Tonight, things just get worse.

If you thought Angelea and Alasia were bad, you have to notice just how nasty Jessica and Raina can be when it comes to trash talk. Well, we can't say we didn't see this coming.

Now if Brenda were still back in the competition, we might just have an actual, clawing around on the floor-type of catfight. But we really wouldn't be surprised if that happened tonight. Can you imagine those huge hairpieces flying in every direction or what?

Well no, we won't have any flying wigs. But we do have Whitney Port of MTV's The City, and the "le-GEN-dary" Pat Cleaveland. The girls are as excited as usual. No surprise there.

On the last clip, we have Tyra's "catching ZZZs" gimmick to introduce the international destination. The little role play takes so long that we don't need to count those sheep to fall asleep.

Although, hooray, sheep. We wouldn't put it past Tyra if she wanted to dress those models up in wool for a photo shoot and make them look baaa-d. You know, in the model-y sense of the word.

PHOTOS: Go Backstage for "Big Hair Day"

Don't forget, America's Next Top Model airs tonight at 8pm on the CW.

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