America's Next Top Model: Episode 11.6 Live Thoughts
I'm not sure how interesting America's Next Top Model will be from this point on, with both Hannah and Isis getting eliminated last week.  Hannah was always good water cooler talk for her constant naive and closeminded comments, while Isis kept us glued to the tv set, breaking barriers and opening up new doors for the LGBT movement.  Oh well, at least Joslyn makes me smile.  Tonight, the girls will pose on a set involving natural disasters, from earthquakes to wind storms.  Ah, tidal waves were never sexier.  Judging from this picture, the girls will have to once again overreact to Tyra's antics.  Good times.  I'll be here for the entire hour, updating live, so keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too!

What's with models being self conscious?  From Joslyn to Marjorie, it seems they're all doubting themselves instead of forgetting that they made it out of thousands and thousands girls.  Believe me, ladies, there's a reason that you made it so show Tyra that!

Paulina may be just as weird as Tyra.  She surprises the girls at their challenge tonight, wearing a hideous blue business suit that does NOT fit her.  The models are now wearing hard hats and tool belts for no apparent reason.  Well, the belts hold tools that will help them make their outfits fit better but the hard hats are still pointless.  I think almost all of these look horrible.

Marjorie looks like she's going to puke.  Not to be insensitive but if she can't handle this, she should go home. 

Okay so McKey wins and gets 50 extra frames.  She did a good job with what she was given.  They all look weird with water bottles stuffed in the pants and clothes pins clipped to their legs.  Not my favorite challenge.

I want to hear Marjorie's whining about as much as everybody else - which is not at all.  The models all gang up on her, tell her to chill out, and stop being negative.  Yeah.  NO KIDDING!

Yes, here comes the overacting!  The girls arrive at their set and some monster comes running at them.  Ah, Mister Jay, you silly prankster. 

Clark says that she feels confident, especially after last week, but she so does not deliver when she's in front of the camera.  Ugh, Joslyn still isn't bringing it and I don't want her to go home.  What I need is for Analeigh to get back on top in this competition.

Time for panel.  Pictures I like: Lauren Brie, Samantha, Elina, Sheena, Analeigh, and McKey.  Pictures I don't like: Marjorie (even though the judges like it), Clark, and Joslyn (yikes).

Tyra's ready to call out names.  First up is Samantha, which must be a relief after last week.  After that, she calls Analeigh, McKey, Elina, Marjorie, Lauren Brie, and Sheena.  That leaves Joslyn and Clark in the bottom two.  Tyra decides to keep Joslyn and eliminates Clark.  Tomorrow, Clark will talk to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.  Don't miss it!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CW)