America's Next Top Model: Episode 11.4 Live Thoughts
YAY!  It's the makeover episode of America's Next Top Model tonight, also known as my favorite episode of the entire season.  Bring on the hair dye, the extensions, and the razor because you know that somebody in this crowd is losing all their hair tonight.  I want drama, I want tears, I want breakdowns.  The makeover episode usually provides us with some of the most memorable moments of the season and I'll be here all hour covering the good, the bad, and the ugly!  Make sure to keep refreshing throughout the episode and post your thoughts, too!

As each season goes on, I get more and more sick of Tyra, her bad acting, and the ridiculous characters that she takes on during the show.  I'm rolling my eyes as Tyra plays a princess, Miss Jay is an evil witch, and Mr. Jay is Prince Couture.  Wowww... just model already and be quiet.

Oh thank God, Mr. Jay cut his hair.  He definitely needed a makeover of his own.

Tyra is hands down the worst actress on television.  She makes the girls on 90210 look talented.

YES!  Cue tears from Samantha, who just lost her ponytail.  Her hair looks amazing though!  Clark's hair is jet black and Analeigh has gone blonde!  I'm going to use exclamation points the whole time!  Except for Lauren Brie - she looks the same. 

What the heck are they doing to Elina, that never has been done?  Red, wavy hair.  She's crying, saying she doesn't feel like herself.  I don't know whether or not I like it.  Isis's hair is just longer, as is Brittany's, except hers looks amazing.

Tonight's challenge is a late night one, that takes place in WalMart.  The girls have to use Cover Girl makeup and record a video talking about it.  The winner will have her video on the Cover Girl website and a $1,000 gift card.  Analeigh and Brittany totally butcher their video.  Marjorie just called it Walgreens!  Yikes!  Hannah wins but I think it should have been Samantha. 

Brittany is fighting with Elina after she said that she hates her mom.  Note to Brittany: it's none of your business.

Whitney's My Life As A Cover Girl are the best I've seen.  I really like them.

It's a swimsuit photo shoot for the girls on tonight's episode and their setting is a beautiful, multi-million dollar home on the beach.  Susan Holmes, supermodel, is on hand to help.  Who the heck is Susan Holmes?

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CW)