America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.13, "The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model" Recap
On tonight's finale of America's Next Top Model, the final three models would have to shoot another Cover Girl commercial and print ad.  The winning model's print ad would be seen nationally and the pressure was on!  It was their last chance to impress the judges before the final two were chosen for a runway showdown.  All of the girls struggled with their scripts during the commercial shoot.  Chantal, Jenah, and Saleisha forgot their lines, got tongue tied, and needed many takes to get a final cut.  In fact, Saleisha needed 20 takes!

At judges' panel, the girls are called forward one at a time to say who they feel is the strongest in the competition and the weakest.  Of course, each girl says that she, herself, is the strongest.  Saleisha and Chantal turn on Jenah, saying that she has a bad attitude and she isn't someone young girls should look up to.  Jenah stands up for herself, saying that she shouldn't have to be all bubbly and happy just to be a role model.  Tyra senses Jenah's defensiveness and asks her what it's all about.  Jenah admits to having to grow up too fast and be the mother in her house.  Tyra finally feels like she knows Jenah ... but still eliminates her from the competition.

Saleisha and Chantal are the final two models and they'll have to walk in a Qi Gang runway show.  It was their last chance to prove to the judges that they deserved to win cycle 9.  Right off the bat, it's clear that Saleisha has the stronger walk.  Chantal seemed to lack confidence and at one point, knocked over one of the performers in the fashion show.  She broke character and looked very flustered.

At the final judges' panel, Tyra and the judges went through Chantal's and Saleisha's pictures throughout the season, comparing the two.  Saleisha has taken consistently strong photos but some felt that Chantal was more high fashion.  In the end, Tyra chose Saleisha as the winner, who fell to the floor and cried over her victory.

Saleisha will be talking to BuddyTV this week and we'll hear from Jenah and Chantal, as well.  Make sure you check back to hear what they have to say!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of CW)

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