America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.11, "The Girls Go On Go-See Adventures" Recap
On tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model, the final five models head on their go-sees to meet designers and try to get booked.  One model gets completely lost and no one helps her get back in time.  Only two models get back in time to be considered for the go-see challenge.

The girls were very upset that Heather was asked to stay and Lisa was eliminated.  There wasn't any time for bitterness, though, as the girls got a note from Tyra telling them it was time for go-sees.  The girls were given six hours to make it to their appointments and were given a translator to take along with them.

While Saleisha makes it to her first designer with ease, Heather gets lost in the rain in the middle of China.  Chantal has a mishap at her first go-see when she forgot to wear nude colored underwear and instead had on pink and black lacey underwear.  It became quite obvious when she had to wear a sheer white dress!  Bianca is in it to win it and rocks her first go-see.

Chantal's second designer said that she would book her for printwork, but not for a catwalk.  The other girls kept heading to designer after designer, while Heather wandered around.  Chantal was at her third go-see while the others were at two.  Heather still had zero with 3 1/2 hours remaining but finally makes it to her first one.  One designer told Jenah that her walk was terrible but she doesn't let it get her down.  She takes her overconfidence and keeps going to her appointments.

Saleisha decides to withhold information from Bianca in an attempt to keep her from getting to her next go-see.  With an hour left, Jenah has made it to 4 go-sees and Heather was still trying to find her second one.  The girls underestimate Shanghai traffic and it seems many of them won't make it back in time.  Saleisha arrives first with Bianca soon after.  Jenah, in her cab, sees that Heather is stranded and does not offer to let her come in the car. 

Bianca and Saleisha are the only two who make it back in time.  Jenah was 15 minutes late, Chantal was 20 minutes late, and Heather got back 40 minutes late.  When the girls head out at night, the director of PT Shanghai Models shows up to announce the winner.  Bianca was the winner and appeared in an ad campaign for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

For their photo shoot, the girls had to interact with Chinese lions and dragons in an attempt to stand out.  Judge Nigel Barker was their photographer for the shoot.  Jenah gave a disappointing performance and didn't seem to take Nigel's critiques and apply them.  Saleisha gives a confident performance after weeks of timid shoots.  Bianca did not seem to deliver after a strong go-see challenge.  Chantal starts off shaky but turns out a solid performance.  Heather was not confident during her time in front of the camera but may have gotten a good photo out of it.

At panel, Miss J's afro got even bigger since the last episode but there were more important things to worry about.  Chantal receives good critiques but Bianca is told that she needs to work on her face.  Jenah is called out for her sense of humor that can come across as arrogance.  The judges loved her photo, though.  Nigel told Saleisha that she was his favorite person to shoot.  Heather is called awkward and Tyra was unhappy that she was so late coming back from go-sees but her photo may keep her another week.

Tyra called Saleisha first to move on and head to Beijing, in the final four.  Bianca and Chantal were called next.  Jenah and Heather (for the second week in a row) were left in the bottom two.  Heather was eliminated and sent home, while Jenah moved on to Beijing.

This season's fan favorite, Heather, will be talking to BuddyTV this week.  Don't miss her exclusive interview!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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