America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.10, "The Girls Go To Shanghai" Recap
On tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model, the girls competed in a martial arts challenge that had them soaring in the air.  One model let her fear of heights get the best of her and she was disqualified.  A Cover Girl photo shoot and commercial shoot were on the menu for tonight's challenge.  Almost everyone turned in disappointing performances but a few managed to impress Tyra.  Here's more details on who passed and who failed tonight's spokesmodel challenge.

When the girls arrived in Shanghai, they immediately headed to their house to find a surprise.  There were 5 beds but 6 girls.  One of the beds was big enough for two people to sleep in but Saleisha, who claimed it, said she was keeping it all to herself.  Heather was left without a bed and none of the girls seemed anxious to help.  In fact, Bianca just laughed at her for getting upset and crying about it.  Finally, Chantal had enough of the bullying and settled the situation.  Bianca and Jenah agreed to sleep together, opening up a bed for Heather.  Chantal's kindness would later be repaid by Heather.

A tour guide took the girls to see the sights of Shanghai but it was all a charade.  The tour guide ended up being a martial arts expert, there to teach the girls various positions that they would have to recreate later.  He didn't give them a lot of time to learn it and they seemed thoroughly confused.  When they got to their challenge, the girls found out they would have recreate their positions while being hoisted up into the air on a rope.  Most of the girls had a hard time keeping their balance and the fear off their faces.  Bianca refuses to complete the task and was disqualified.  Heather gave a graceful performance, was named the winner, and go to go on a shopping spree.  When she was allowed to choose a friend, she chose Chantal.

For their photo shoot, the models would have to complete both a Cover Girl photo and commercial to submit for judging.  Their scripts weren't very long but everyone struggled with it.  Lisa fell apart and ended up in tears, Jenah needed 12 takes, and Heather couldn't get it right even when Jay fed her the lines.  Needless to say, everyone's photos were stronger than their commercials.

At judging, Chantal ended up with the strongest performance and was called first.  Saleisha was called next by Tyra, but needed to watch her smile in photos.  It made her look like she had bags under her eyes.  Bianca was called next, for having a very strong photo but her commercial was quite weak.  Jenah was called last, bringing no warmth or emotion to her commercial.  Nigel even finds her personality unattractive.  She'll have to learn to soften it up to stay in the competition. 

Heather and Lisa found themselves in the bottom two.  Tyra came down hard on Heather, not wanting to show her any futher special treatment than she had already received that day.  She also worried about Lisa, feeling that she was unable to take criticism without letting it get her down.  Tyra decided to eliminate Lisa, sending her on a long plane right home from China.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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