America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.6 Best and Worst Photos
Overall, my reaction to this week's photos: eh.  The photo I liked best I really liked, but most of the others - to me - just seemed kind of lackluster.

But maybe it's me.  Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough.  I might be a quitter, the "most unattractive thing" to Tyra, as we learned in her "get out of here" speech to Ebony on this week's episode of America's Next Top Model.

Well, I'd hate to disappoint Tyra so I guess I will move ahead with some picks.



Jenah.  Hottness!  She's one of those girls who really seems to be transformed in a photograph.  She also seemed to be hitting many interesting, editorial, high-fashion poses, and Jay Manuel commented that she listens well to criticism and modifies her performance accordingly.  Good for her!  This is an excellent shot, and she's quickly becoming one to watch for me - someone whose photo I look forward to seeing each week on America's Next Top Model.

I love love love Sarah from the waist up in her shot, but does anyone else feel like her lower half looks oddly truncated.  I don't know if it's the angle or the dress or what.  Her legs have looked a mile long in other shots, so I don't think this has anything to do with how her body actually is.  I just wonder if her booty is pushed out a bit and that is making her look shorter from the front?  Something about this shot is just a teensy bit off to me, but again, her face is gorgeous.

I can't decide what to think about Chantal's shot.  As a photograph, I love the composition, and I don't mind the hair in the face.  However, from a close-up view, I feel like her actual facial expression looks like the shutter clicked as she was moving to a new expression.  But from the distance, I like the shot a lot.  This shot split the judges. What do you think?


Lisa.  Again!  I'm sorry, I really don't have it out for you, girl.  I feel like I've been picking on her a lot lately.  But Tyra and Tyson were right: somehow she seems to be resting on some kind of standard look but she really has the body and the features that can handle more risk.  Lisa: you were so beautifully odd in the first week's photos, let's have more of that!  Also: point that toe!

Ebony.  Yes, she did give up.  This photo is pretty not-so-great in close up.  But I'm not mad at you, Ebony, even though I finally had a chance to be right again with my picks for who was going to leave and you messed that up by saving Ambreal.  But if you don't like modeling, then there isn't any reason to stick around to be picked apart.  Some might call that being a quitter, some might call that cutting your losses. 

All right, America's Next Top Model fans...what do you think?  What were your best and worst photos for this week?

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy of CW)