America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.6, "The Girl Who Gets A Mango" Recap
On tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model, Tyson Beckford and Mary J. Blige made special appearances.  The girls worked as teams to create a PSA for an AIDS organization.  For their photo shoot, the girls were dressed to represent recyclable materials.  One model shocks everyone when she decides to quit and go home.

At the mansion, the girls are shocked when model/actor Tyson Beckford pays them a visit to give them some lessons in presentation.  He asks the girls to sell him something from their kitchen and all use their feminine ways while making their pitch.  When Ambreal tries to sell Tyson a mango, he takes a bite right out of it which she happily holds on to the rest of the time he's there!

The girls make good usage of their new presentation skills at their challenge, when they are split into teams to make PSAs for Keep A Child Alive.  The organization donates life-saving medicine to children and families suffering from AIDS in Africa.  The first team is comprised of Chantal, Bianca, and Lisa who turn in a weak performance and get the name of the organization wrong.  The second team: Heather, Jenah, and Ambreal and the third team: Saleisha, Ebony, and Sarah both do very well.  However, when the third team gives misinformation in their PSA, the second team wins.  They are given expensive gift baskets and Heather was chosen at random to participate in a photo shoot directed by Mary J. Blige.

At their photo shoot, Tyra chooses the theme of recycling and has each girl dress up as a different recyclable material.  Heather is an alumium can, Chantal is shredded paper, Sarah is garbage bags, and Saleisha is car parts.  Ebony is bubble wrap, Jenah is cardboard, Bianca is oil, Lisa is plastic bottles, and Ambreal is newspaper.  Heather, Jenah, and Bianca all do well while Lisa, Ambreal, and Ebony all struggle to make a lasting impression on Jay.

At elimination, Saleisha was called first for showing a big improvement from the week before.  Jenah is called next, for being a consistently strong model who listens to the direction given to her at shoots.  Heather is called third, for finally taking a photo straight on to the camera.  Tyra also called Sarah, Chantal, and Lisa.  Ambreal and Ebony were in the bottom two but when Tyra called Ebony's name, she decided to drop out of the contest.  It seems she can't handle the criticisms the judges have given her week after week.  Tyra immediately took offense, saying she never respects a quitter.  Her words didn't change Ebony's mind and she walked, leaving Ambreal with a second chance to stay in the game.

On next week's America's Next Top Model, Tyra gives the girls lessons in sexy moves for the camera.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer(Image courtesy of CW)