America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.6, "The Girl Who Gets A Mango" Live Thoughts
As I sit here staring at the title of tonight's episode, I can't imagine what significance a mango could have to make its way into the title itself.  Perhaps America's Next Top Model knows something I don't.  We'll see as the episode goes on.  Tonight, hottie model Tyson Beckford gives the ladies a lesson on being a spokesperson which they'll put to good use when they film PSAs.  It's more PC events on tonight's episode and I'm here with live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your thoughts as well! 

Ebony plans to try to soften her personality today since she's been getting flack from the judges.  I don't think she has a bland personality but who am I to judge?  Heather stresses that the front view of her face isn't as pretty as the side view.  Well then, how could she ever be a model for anything?! 

There's a knock on the door and it's Tyson Beckford.  It's not every day that a male model shows up at your door.  Ebony freaks out when she sees him!  See?  There's that personality.  The girls have to practice selling items using things from the kitchen.  What a surprise, Chantal uses her sexuality to sell us a popsicle.  Why is everyone being a whore?  Oh, they're supposed to be.  Ambreal sells a mango which Tyson takes a bite out of.  Since she had the mango which is the title of the episode, is she going home?

The girls head to record a 30 second PSA for Keep A Child Alive which they must create themselves.  The girls are divided into teams and are hardly given any time.  They scramble who are to get it done in time.  Okay, time for the first team: Bianca, Chantal, and Lisa.  They're awful, seriously.  It was bad. 

Second team's up: Heather, Jenah, and Ambreal and they're better.  The third team is Saleisha, Ebony, and Sarah who do the best and should win.  They end up losing for giving misinformation, saying the organization prevents instead of treats.  Jenah's team wins and Heather is chosen at random to do a photo shoot directed by Mary J. Blige.  Nice!  Heather takes amazing photos and looks so beautiful.

Before the photo shoot, Ebony sits on the floor complaining that she wants to go home.  Heather comes home from her shoot and is the only one excited about her day.  The rest of the girls just kind of stare at her and Bianca is clearly jealous.

For tonight's photo shoot, the girls will be representing differently recyclable materials.  As an aluminum can, Heather finally shoots straight on to the camera and looks great doing it.  Chantal is shredded paper and Sarah is a garbage bag.  She steps it up from last week and might be hanging around a little longer.  Saleisha is car parts and Ebony is bubble wrap, who barely tries during her time with the camera.  Jenah portrays cardboard and Bianca is oil and she learned how to do Tyra's favorite thing - smile with her eyes!  Lisa is plastic bottles and Ambreal is newspaper, who once again, fails to impress.

Time for judging and time to watch Tyra bat her eyelashes 700 times.  Tyra is also talking in weird accents tonight but what else is new?  Saleisha gets praise from the judges as does Jenah.  Lisa doesn't end up as a favorite and neither does Bianca, but she does get good feedback for that face of hers.  Sarah ties to say that she hasn't lost weight since day 1, but she has.  Ebony is hardly listening when Tyra gives her feedback and it looks like she's fighting back tears.

Saleisha is called first by Tyra for the improvement she made this week.  Jenah is called next, followed by Heather, Bianca, Sarah, Chantal, and Lisa.  No surprises there.  Ambreal and Ebony are in the bottom two.  I'm so mad at Ebony right now - she was amazing last week!  Why has she checked out?  Woah, Tyra calls her name instead of Ambreal's and she says she wants to go home.  She quits and Ambreal gets another chance in the game, which she'll happily take!

This week, Ebony will talk to BuddyTV about her decision to walk away from America's Next Top Model.  Don't miss it!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CW)