America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.5 Best and Worst Photos
This week on America's Next Top Model, the girls were challenged to become “Fashion Gargoyles,” perched on a platform on top of the Omni Hotel in Los Angeles.

This week also saw house “mom” Janet going home. I'm not terribly surprised based on the episodes we'd seen before, but no doubt she was missed by the girls in the house, and viewers who liked her unusual and gorgeous look. Best of luck to Janet post-America's Next Top Model!

Now, onto this week's photos!

At first, I wasn't in agreement with the judges about the strength of Lisa's photo. Now, though, I think I was being a little pedestrian in my thinking, and her face wasn't as “pretty” as I think it can be in photos. But then I took another look and realized this is a photo that could easily – as is – pop into most high fashion magazines. It's not “pretty,” per se, but it completely works.

Holy crap. That was my, Jay Manuel's and Tyra's reaction to this photo from Ebony. Week two of her appearing on set and suddenly pulling out this like high-fashion, sophisticated and elegant diva face. It would be impressive from any of the girls, but considering a) her ridiculous sad face during the skating challenge, and b) the rolling-a-jawbreaker-around-in-her-mouth face she's always pulling at panel, it's even more impressive. I feel that she built on last week's strong photo and now her body language doesn't show a trace of the hesitation she had last week.

I know the judges really liked Bianca's photo, and it was a vast improvement over the messes from previous weeks, but it's still nowhere near as editorial-ready as Lisa's and Ebony's.

Heather really continues to astound me in her photos, even though I haven't actually put her in the top spot yet. Her photos are uniformly excellent, although, as Tyra pointed out, she needs to stop relying on her gorgeous profile. But I think there is just a little bit of extra oomph she needs in the shots to really put her over the top. I think if she finds that, her photos might go from uniformly excellent to really outrageously mesmerizing. I feel pretty confident she's going to find if she has time.


I really like Ambreal's personality and her smiley, good-natured demeanor. But her face in her photos looks lost and not composed.

Sarah has one of the most classically beautiful faces in the competition and her curvier body I think is a welcome fresh look. (I do wish the hair cut they had given her was a little more flattering to her neck and jaw from the side, but it's not too bad.) Nevertheless, she really missed the mark on this shoot, period. She also needs to work on posing, I think, and get more comfortable improvising on set.

So what do you think? What did you think were the best and worst photos of the week for this episode of America's Next Top Model?

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Images courtesy of CW)