America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.5 Who Should Go Home?
America's Next Top Model, like life, isn't always fair.

If it were, then many people would agree: Bianca should have gone home. Over 40% of the responders to our poll last week thought so.

I wasn't gunning for Bianca, but I, too, was blinded by emotion and did not see – or did not want to see – the Victoria elimination coming. So what about this week?

I think we need to split this question into two parts. Who could go home and who should go home? Because the two questions might have different answers.

So who could go home? Let's try to figure it out, shall we?

Here's something to watch out for. One of our observant BuddyTV commenters said, “To find out who is going to get eliminated, just pay attention to the beginning of every episode....whoever has the most private commentary or they focus on too much in the beginning is most likely going home.” Some other commenters disagreed with this method, but let's all watch for it and see what happens.

Personally, my new method for looking for who might go home or wind up in the bottom two on America's Next Top Model is to look for who was one of the mildly negative background stories from the week before.

Case in point: Kimberly was shown the week before her elimination acting in a less than charitable fashion towards Heather, next week, so was gone. The week before Saleisha wound up in the bottom two, she had a few minor negative edits against her, so she was on my list for last week as a possible one to go. Granted, Victoria's negative comments were pretty minimal in the episode before she was eliminated. So it's not an exact science.

With that in mind, I'm thinking maybe Chantal is being set up for an elimination or at least bottom two. She was definitely in a tough spot between the photographer and Jay Manuel, but the interview footage they chose to air of her being upset about it wasn't very flattering.

Ebony also got a harsh portrayal in her panel evaluation, even though her photos were good. For some reason, I'm suspecting she's being set up for a bottom two but not actual elimination next week. Just a hunch.

Janet and Ambreal are still kind of hovering near the bottom, not really being allowed to show much of their personality, and not really completely rocking the photo shoots. I can't really tell what's going to happen with either of them. I would, once again, watch for them to suddenly get more screen time. If that happens, and their shoots are less than stellar, I'm thinking they could be on the chopping block too.

In the middle of the pack, then, are the others girls that I think might be able to stay safe for at least one more week. After her first very strong performance, Lisa has kind of stagnated, but I think she's too interesting of a look and a story for them to cut her loose yet. Bianca's still hanging by a thin string. I'm sure a lot of viewers still don't like her, but her portrayal in the last episode was decidedly more positive. However, her photos have been pretty bad through and through. I don't think she's out of the woods yet, but it seems like her story could be skewing more positive. The comments about Sarah's weight loss were a bit ominous, but I think Tyra will want to squeeze more story and panel confrontation out of that – the panel didn't even appear to discuss it with Sarah, so I think they'll have to keep her around after this one, where it will probably become an issue. Saleisha probably wound up in the bottom two primarily for her hubris in saying she would never be in the bottom two, but I think Tyra will want to keep her around for a little longer.

Heather is clearly the golden gal of the bunch so far, both doing well in shoots, and seeming to find a little more self-confidence in herself. Jenah was already offered work by the photographer, unless she has a major misstep I think she is safe.

So that's my rundown of what I think could happen. So what should happen? I'll leave that to you to decide. So vote below for the modelette that you think should have to pack her bags and immediately leave the America's Next Top Model house.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CW)