America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.4 Best and Worst Photos
It's time for this week's picks for best and worst photo from last night's episode of America's Next Top Model.  But before I can get into any assessment of the photos, I am shedding a tear for departing modelette Victoria.

Sure, she inexplicably had it out for Twiggy, and sure, if she mentioned Yale, called herself a “nerd” with self-satisfaction rather self-deprecation, or acted as though all things fashion were beneath her one more time, I was going to throw a shoe at the television.

But I'm a sucker for an unusual face and I thought her photos were interesting, so I was blinded to the possibility she could leave; I didn't even include her in my Tuesday list of "Who Should Go?”  So goodbye Victoria! I'm sure it was a relief for you to not have to participate in such shallow and trivial pursuits any longer, but those of us who live for shallow and trivial pursuits will miss you nonetheless!

Now onto the photo shoot…

As Miss J likes to say: Busted. Isn't America's Next Top Model doing pretty well for itself? Couldn't they afford something a little less, well, busted than the dollar store silk flowers they apparently hot-glue-gunned to the girls? I'm a little reluctant to even judge anyone as it's hard to see how anyone could rock this shoot. But since a few of them did, we must trudge ahead and make some picks.


Jenah and Ebony land in the top spot for fierce faces that look editorial ready. Ebony's body language isn't quite selling me as much as Jenah's is – I feel like you can still see her hesitation – but they both brought something interesting to the photos.

I feel like I was supposed to like Heather's more than I did and dislike Saleisha's more than did. But I didn't, with either. Secretly I really like Saleisha's and didn't think her eyes seemed dead in the above shot. But don't tell Tyra – I saw what she did to back-talker Victoria!


I've been the Bianca-Sympathizer in a world of Bianca-Haters, but if she doesn't start bringing better shots, I'm afraid I'll have to drop my crusade. This photo screams, “I have no idea what I'm doing.” And the angle of her head is making her head looked oddly Photoshopped in.

This photo of Ambreal isn't doing anything for anybody.

After the first America's Next Top Model photo shoot picture, and based on her overall look, I really didn't think it was possible for a face and body like Lisa's to take a bad photo. But she sure has been busy proving that idea wrong, hasn't she? And note to stylist: when you put someone in granny panties that close to their skin tone, it makes it look like they're wearing control-top pantyhose. But I don't know, maybe that was the look you were going for.

I'm a little afraid to add Chantal to the list because last time I called her out for some mild critiquing, someone told me to drop dead. So watch out for the hardcore Chantal fans, y'all! So I'll keep it brief. This photo = Debra Messing + Britney Spears + Heart or Stevie Nicks video circa 1989.

And in the words of Bianca, “And I'm done!”

So what do you think? Leave your picks and pans in the comments below!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Images courtesy of CWTV)