America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.4 Who Should Go Home?
So BuddyTV readers sure do know their America's Next Top Model!

Last week, most people who responded to our poll as to who they thought should leave picked Kimberly, who was, in fact the modelette sent home.

Since then, there has been one girl who has been getting quite a bit of negative attention from commenters, and so she might be the obvious pick for this week…but I'm not so sure.

Bianca has certainly gotten on the bad side of a lot of viewers for her confrontational attitude with the other girls in the America's Next Top Model house. A lot of people want to see her go next, but does that mean she actually will?

Personally, I'm not so sure. I wonder if Tyra hasn't invested too much screen time to be cutting Bianca this early. I have a feeling she might turn out to be the Renee Alway of this season and her nasty Bad Girl behavior will eventually result in a) a confrontation with the other girls, b) some Tyra-induced tears at one of those truth-and-reconciliation events that happen at least once a season, c) a chastened and humbled Bianca changing her ways and d) redemption and the attendant ability to go further in the competition.

And on a personal note, I'm one of the contrary people who wants her to stick around. I love a Bad Girl whose sass just rolls off her tongue so effortlessly, like she's just reciting the alphabet. I mean, come on people! She told Saleisha she looks like a Bratz doll! (And I love Saleisha but she does!) And her parting comment to Saleisha, “Check your thighs out in the mirror! And I'm done!” How can you not love that? I could watch Bianca pick fights with people all day. I could watch an entire channel devoted to Bianca picking fights.

But the people have spoken and I am here to serve, so fine. I'm putting Bianca on the list. Don't say I never did anything for you!

I am also putting Ebony on the list. Her look is amazing, but she has that skittish pony quality and I think she might just startle too easily. If she can't settle into a comfortable place and start performing, I think the judges won't have any compunction about cutting her. It's also telling that she's gotten a little bit of screen time in each episode, but hasn't been the main story. It's unlikely that Tyra will cut someone who hasn't really shown up on the viewers' radar much yet, so the little bits we've seen might be building to a cut next week.

If Tyra does choose to sacrifice someone off the radar, watch out for Ambreal or Janet. If in tomorrow's episode, one of them starts getting a greater amount of screen time, it might be building to cut. Neither has really made any major missteps, but they also haven't stood out. Ambreal seems to have a charming personality, but we hardly see her, and her photos and performance have been middle of the pack.

Janet's barely gotten any time – I have no real sense of her personality – and the judges have seemed underwhelmed by her modeling ability. Janet, actually, is my vote for who should go. I think she's beautiful and has a great body, I just am also not seeing the “model” in her compared to some of the other girls, and I'm not entertained enough by her yet to want to keep her around for drama or comic relief on America's Next Top Model.

And I am going to throw Saleisha in there as a possible twist elimination. She had a strong performance this past episode, but there were a few little things in how she has been presented that made me wonder if the editors were setting her up. For one, in the first episode, Tyra made it clear that due to their previous experience at Tyra's T-Zone Camp, she would expect more from Saleisha. And Saleisha has indicated she has some modeling experience, but did find herself struggling to no overanalyze in the first part of her photo shoot. It's a long shot, but you know how Tyra loves a twist, so I'm keeping an eye on her.

So let's see how well our BuddyTV ANTM fans pick 'em this week.  And if you have a different vote entirely, write it in the comments.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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