'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14: Preview of Episode 5 'Smile and Pose'
'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14: Preview of Episode 5 'Smile and Pose'
You might just roll on the floor laughing at America's Next Top Model tonight, but don't we always? Comedian Ross Matthews joins the girls for their photoshoot, making the models lose their focus. If that was their intention, they should've just presented Tyra in another flesh-toned outfit to them.

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Anyway, "Smile and Pose" has the remaining contestants cracking up while thinking up a sensual pose for the shoot. To make things even more difficult, they have photographer Nigel Barker standing outside, two floors below the studio. You can catch Krista explain the rules on the sneak peeks after the jump.

That is, after we get a shot of ego from Angelea.

On the next clip, Jessica and Tatianna have their turn. With Ross Matthews talking after every second, is it even possible to get a decent shot for Nigel? It does look like one of the girls knows how to control that man, which is such an America's Next Top Model feat we bet we'll hear about it at panel later.

After that challenge, the girls will be heading to New York City's garment district for another transformation. Now, hearing "transformation" on this Cycle usually makes us think of Brenda at once. But she seems to be absent from the set of final photos released by the CW. Curiouser and curiouser indeed.

For that next shoot, the girls will be getting themselves into some faux fashion outfits, a la Lady Gaga. America's Next Top Model is certainly banking on recent trends, isn't it? Last week we had that bloody mess of vampires, and now clones of this pop music icon will be invading our screens. What's next, something inspired by James Cameron's Avatar?

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Still, don't miss tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model as it airs at 8pm on the CW. While the ladies "Smile and Pose," we might as well just point and laugh.

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