ANTM Episode 3: Sound Off on the Best and Worst of "Let's Dance"
ANTM Episode 3: Sound Off on the Best and Worst of "Let's Dance"
The audience hardly has any say on what goes on in America's Next Top Model, with Tyra dominating the screen and all. But now, we decided to have you users vote on what happened on the latest episode of this Cycle.

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Below, you can participate in the polls and discuss who you think performed best, and worst, on "Let's Dance!" Plus, there's a bonus question regarding this week's house drama.

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The Best:

The Worst:

The Drama:
Brenda incurred the wrath of the other girls on "Let's Dance!" by being too much of a puppet-master, as Krista said. But things got worse when the others started insulting her hairdo. And even worse than that, Anslee got involved.

Will Chucky Brenda get her comeuppance or will this drama just sizzle down? Oh, if only we got to be the puppet-masters.

Don't forget to check back to see how your favorite (and least favorite) contestants are doing on the polls. Also, check out our other America's Next Top Model content below.


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