'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14: Preview of Episode 3 'Let's Dance!'
'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14: Preview of Episode 3 'Let's Dance!'
After the past two 90-minute Tyra-filled episodes, we get a sigh of relief with "Let's Dance" because she won't be the only one taking the stage. Cycle 3 contestant Toccara Jones joins the America's Next Top Model set tonight and tests our Cycle 14 models on their fashion industry know-how.

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But it looks like one model no longer wants to know how to make it big in the fashion industry via Tyra's tutelage. On "Let's Dance," a contestant considers quitting the competition. If they allow her, does this mean they'll bring back someone else?

Before we get to that though, there's the photo shoot to discuss. Tonight, the America's Next Top Model contestants pose as dancers and it obviously isn't their strong suit. Mister Jay gets frustrated at how amateurish the girls are acting, especially one who can't seem to take the contest seriously.

As we know from last week's episode, Ren has been struggling with her "sanity" in the America's Next Top Model house. She just can't get along with the other girls and this pushes her to give up on the whole thing.

At panel, the judges ask her about what she wants to do. To put things in alliteration: it's fight or flight tonight on "Let's Dance," along with fancy footwork all around.

Below, you can watch the trailer for America's Next Top Model and wonder why Ren is taking this opportunity for granted. Well, it really isn't surprising for anyone living with Alasia to seriously consider leaving.

Aside from the drama though, tonight's panel will be joined by Wilhelmina Models President Sean Patterson. So far, he has nothing but praise and an outfit offense for the Cycle 14 contestants. You can catch him on the trailer below, if you manage to get past Andre Leon Talley.

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Don't forget, the remaining America's Next Top Model contestants will sashay onto the screen tonight at 8pm on the CW. But next week, we may not even get a glimpse Ren anymore.

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