America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Premiere: What We're Excited To See
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The day is finally here! After a whole lot of hoopla from Tyra and her crew about the season of the shorties, America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 premieres tonight at 8 PM on the CW!

It's a two-hour special, with the first half devoted to narrowing down 32 girls to the eventual, final 14 aspiring models. Then, in the second hour, comes a first for ANTM: immediate makeovers! Or "Ty-overs," as they call them (of course). Then it's on when the first photoshoot asks the models to reimagine their own baby photos in an editorial photo shoot, and one girl is eliminated when her photo falls short. (Get it? They're all short! You get it.)

You've seen ANTM premieres before, and this one is just as packed with beauty, outbursts, dancing, singing, screaming, crying, and drama as ever before! All season long, BuddyTV bloggers Meghan Carlson (that's me) and Maria Gonzalez will be saturating you with extensive America's Next Top Model coverage every single day. Here's what each of us are most looking forward to seeing in tonight's cycle premiere, and the whole upcoming season of America's Next Top Model:

This season on ANTM, Maria is most looking forward to watching...

  • The first model to snap at Tyra. There's nothing more fun and dramatic than watching Tyra put someone in her place... especially this season, when she's so much taller than them!
  • The contestants fighting over beds, because that was such a big issue last season. If not about beds, then just fighting in general. You know it's gonna happen!
  • For this season's all new guest judges to out-Paulina Paulina Porizkova.
  • Who will cry over their makeovers. Whether it's a bleach job or a heinous weave, someone's gonna leave the salon unhappy... and I'm gonna love every minute of it.
  • How the "Usual Suspects" theme will play out throughout the season. It has the potential make for some interesting photo shoots. Maybe a criminal line-up or mafia-inspired film noir shoot.

While Meghan is really excited for...

  • Tyra's terrible accents and cheesy entrances. What will she stoop to this season? Making herself look like a midget?
  • Every time Tyra exalts herself to Mother freakin' Theresa status for breaking society's rigid beauty boundaries and opening up the fashion world to (GASP!) short girls! Give me a break.
  • The contestants talking about how confident they are while also criticizing themselves for being so freakishly (OMG, 5'6''!) short.
  • Bad weaves.
  • Elimination rounds full of judges saying, "I like her face in this, but she looks so... stumpy."
  • The many photoshoots that will be explicitly designed to force the girls to look insanely taller than they are. (I see some 8'' heels in our future...)
  • Tyra's crocodile tears of joy for the contestants, and backhanded consolation speeches to each eliminated short girl. ("Don't worry, you can still be a... foot model?")
  • Chatting with fellow devotees during and after each episode on the BuddyTV ANTM Twitter. Join me, Tyra twits!
  • Seeing who will win the BuddyTV America's Next Top Model Fantasy TV League! We're giving away a free digital camera to the whoever guesses the most correct eliminations this cycle. I'm hoping the smack-talking and fun-having in the league will only increase thanks to the sweet prize!

What are YOU looking forward to tonight? Sound off in the comments below!
Watch along tonight while I tweet tonight's America's Next Top Model premiere, and check back the day after for the recap, reactions, and an exclusive interview with tonight's eliminated shorty!

See you tonight!

-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Image courtesy of the CW