America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Finale Live Thoughts
America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Finale Live Thoughts
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's finale time folks! The field has been narrowed from 13 Top Model hopefuls to three potential winners from opposite ends of the fashion spectrum: Allison, Aminat, and Teyona. Allison is a unique beauty, with oodles of editorial and avant garde potential, Aminat has all the makings of a supermodel but hasn't found how to channel it off the runway, and Teyona who has wowed the judges with her consistently strong photos and alien beauty. Tonight we will learn which of these girls will be America's Next Top Model; though most of us who've been watching closely already have a pretty good idea who will be walking away with the win tonight.

Before the show starts, be sure to read my arguments as to why each girl could win America's Next Top Model:

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Then, watch along with me as we discover who will be named America's Next Top Model. And if you have any questions for the final three, send them my way over at BuddyTV's Twitter. Over the next two days I'll be interviewing all three girls about their time on Top Model and I'd love to get answers to the questions you're dying to ask.

Here we go guys, the finale for Cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model. It seems like this Cycle just zoomed by, and that we we were in Las Vegas just yesterday! Are any of your initial favorites in the finale? And don't forget that tonight is judge Paulina Porizkova's last episode on America's Next Top Model, so enjoy her (or hate her), while you can!

The episode starts with a Tyra Mail: "Be on point tomorrow or you can kiss this competition good-bye." And there are scripts with this Tyra Mail! The kiss line definitely means that this is Cover Girl commercial about lipstick, which could definitely play to Aminat's strengths. That girl has some gorgeous lips.

The girls arrive on set and are greeted by Mister Jay. He says it's time for the girls to prove if they can be a Cover Girl, with a commercial and photo.  As usual, the winning girl's photo will be used in a national ad campaign. As always, last Cycle's winner is there to introduce the product. Wow, McKey is bad at delivering lines, so maybe Allison does have a shot! (fingers crossed, fingers crossed)

Aminat is up first for commercials. She is really excited and says she has to be on her A ++ game and there is no room for mistakes. Her first take she sounds clearer than her last Cover Girl try, but too stiff. Her second take is much better. Mister Jay thinks that Aminat did well, but forgets to work from the nose up. The Cover Girl photographer likes Aminat but says she needs to mature more as a model.

Next is Allison for the Cover Girl commercial and she's scared. Allison has improved since her first Cover Girl commercial, but she still can't remember the lines. On the other hand, Allison looks more beautiful than ever for the Cover Girl shoot. Wow, this girl really is going to be a huge model. Allison's second take is better, she gets through it, but she doesn't sell it. And Allison needs to sell it. Mister Jay says he's not sure Allison is ready to be a real Cover Girl. The Cover Girl photographer loves Allison and her look, he says it's kind of Betty Page. Interesting.

Last is Teyona and wow, she is failing at the commercial part. She can't remember the words, even when she sings it in a song she created to remember the words. Whoa, Teyona is freaking out. She's crying on set. There's no crying in Cover Girl Teyona! Even though she's the judges clear favorite, Teyona just doesn't look like a Cover Girl to me, especially when compared to Allison and Aminat. Could a poor performance in her commercial send Teyona home? I highly doubt it, but they are definitely trying to make you wonder with this edit!

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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