America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Episode 11 Live Thoughts (Page 1/4)
America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Episode 11 Live Thoughts (Page 1/4)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's down to the final five on America's Next Top Model and this week is all about the always interesting go-sees. For the first time all season, we get to see what someone other than Tyra Banks and Co. think of the models and their potential to make it in the fashion world. The go-sees are notorious for making and breaking Top Model hopefuls and this cycle should be no different. Watch along with me to see who has what it takes to make it in the real world of modeling and whose dream of being America's Next Top Model will end tonight.

It's almost Top Model time! Let's start the night out with a question: who do you think will be the star of this cycle's go-sees?

Just noticed that Teyona and Allison are the last two girls featured in the introduction. Do you think that the two are paired together in the promo is a hint that they'll be the final two girls standing? We all know that ANTM has all kinds of editing hints, is this a new one?

Aminat is so excited that Natalie got sent home and so is Teyona.

They're focusing on Celia and she's talking about her potential...we all know what this means. Will Celia will be in the bottom two tonight?

Instead of being excited about being last week's winner, it makes Allison nervous.

Fo is worried about her height and how it will play in the competition. We don't blame Fo, but I bet she would have killed next cycle, the "short girls cycle." Anyone else think Fo would have been a shoe-in for winning Cycle 13?

It's go-see time and that makes Allison want to die a little bit. Apparently, Brazilian designers are looking for style, soul, and one other thing, which I missed. I think it was attitude. As usual, the girls have five designers to go see and this season they are taking cabs rather than boats.

Apparently the traffic is ridiculous in Sao Paolo, Aminat says it's worse than LA and NYC combined. That should make for some nervous moments just before the time limit is up.

Teyona and Celia arrive at the go-see and when Celia makes it first, Teyona leaves the go-see. "I don't have to wait for anyone, they have to wait for me." Strange.

The first designer says that Celia "Has everything to be a supermodel, except for her age."

The first Brazilian designer who sees Allison loves her picture, but hates her walk. Who didn't see that one coming?! The designer says Allison would be good for a photo campaign, but she's not ready for the runway.

Celia decides to do the go-sees by foot after seeing the traffic. Fo is nervous, about her go sees. The first designer loves Fo's ethnic look and thinks her face is strong. Fo looks gorgeous in the clothes, but very stiff. The designers only critique is that "Fo should be taller." Because, you know, Fo can make herself grow now.

Teyona makes it to her next go-see and another girl is there, so she leaves another go-see. Strangest ANTM go-see strategy ever.

Aminat is confident her walk will help at the go-sees, and she's right. The first designer says that she'd book Aminat for a fashion show, but not a photo campaign. Just like we've said, Aminat is a runway model, not a CoverGirl.

Teyona finally gets to a go-see without another girl, and the designer loves her. Maybe Tyra and Co. aren't crazy about loving Teyona.

Yet another designer says that Fo is too short to walk in a fashion show. We knew this was going to be Fo's problem, but it still makes us sad. What about just putting her in some 4 inch heels designers? She'll be over 6 feet tall then! That's tall enough right?

There's just over an hour remaining and Fo is freaking out about traffic and the number of go-sees she has left. She also apparently doesn't know what time it is, which doesn't bode well for someone on a deadline. The next designer who sees Fo harps on her height again and says she's commercial and not high fashion.

The designers seem to be loving Teyona, color me shocked. I thought it was strictly an ANTM thing, but maybe I was wrong.

Awkward Allison is back in a big way at the go-sees. Uh-oh. Everyone is saying they'd book Allison for an ad campaign, but not a catwalk. We don't blame them.

Celia and Aminat are at the same go-see and Aminat is talking about how old Celia looks and how much she wants her to go home. But poo poo Aminat, the designer loves Celia and says she has a great career ahead of her.

Teyona walks into the same go-see as Celia and Aminat and decides to leave, again. Teyona only makes 3 go-sees, but obviously knows that coming back on time is more important than the number of go-sees made. Remember last year when McKey booked all the go-sees but was late and then disqualified?

Aminat is the next girl to arrive back on time, which makes her do a dance. Next is Allison, also just in time. Allison made four go-sees. Celia makes it back to the place on time, but perhaps a minute late. Fo is way late, more than a minute for sure, and knows she'll be disqualified. However, Fo did make alll five of the go-sees.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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