America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Episode 9 Live Thoughts (Page 1/4)
America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Episode 9 Live Thoughts (Page 1/4)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's down to the top seven on America's Next Top Model, and we are just one elimination away from heading off to this Cycle's exotic foreign location. Watch along with me tonight, as we discover who we will be wishing "bon voyage" to, and who will be saying "adios" to their dreams of becoming America's Next Top Model.

The introductory recap said last week's Cover Girl commercials were a fiasco. Do you think this year's Cover Girl commercials were really that much worse than other Cycle's? I think, as usual, Tyra might be over-stating it. The commercials were completely mediocre and rather unremarkable, but there were no all-out disastrous ones, unlike every other cycle has had.

The episode starts out with Allison talking about her photos with Celia. Allison doesn't understand how she can look exactly the same every time. However, she does note that "I have some facial features that are really distinct."  What features could you possibly be speaking of Allison?

The second girl we're chatting with tonight is Aminat, and she says that she "knows she has to step her game up." That doesn't bode well for the 6'1 beauty. Usually a girl saying a line like that this early on in a show is one of those Top Model editing cues to tell us they're in trouble.

Now Celia and London are chatting about London's street preaching. This definitely does not dissuade my worries that London will be going home tonight. If your personal story is being focused on this heavily or early on in an episode, you're pretty much a goner. So, basically in the first five minutes I can tell you with 99% certainty that the bottom two tonight will be Aminat and London.

This week's teach comes courtesy of Mister Jay, who will be letting the girls have a go at his job as Creative Director for a photo shoot.  So for the first photo shoot of the night, the girls will be directing each other in a photo modeling urban street wear. To judge the girls performance Mister Jay will be joined by Ann Shoket, Editor in Chief of Seventeen. This is the lady the girls really have to impress, so it adds extra importance to the shoot.

Anne tells the girls the theme of the shoot is "street style with attitude." Uh-oh, a couple of my favorites could definitely struggle with this. Neither Allison or Celia exactly scream urban street wear.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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