America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Episode 6 Live Thoughts
America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Episode 6 Live Thoughts
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
If the promo videos are any indication, the drama has only just begun on America's Next Top Model. Tonight the drama will continue to escalate and the Top Model house will be divided between Team Tahlia and Team Celia. As the models take sides, watch along with me to see who survives to fight another day and who will be consumed by the drama.

Previously on America's Next Top Model: drama, drama, drama! "Celia shocked the panel with her own take on judging."

Really ANTM? I don't think it was "her own take on judging," though I do see how it challenged the Word that is Tyra. I still think it was bad timing on Celia's behalf, but based on previous cycles, I still see why Celia thought Tyra should know about Tahlia's comments.

Choose your sides now guys, Team Tahlia (and Tyra) or Team Celia...because there's about to be a battle!

Tahlia starts the episode out by saying she's really hurt and that Celia threw her under the bus. Celia states again, that Kortnie wanted to be America's Next Top Model so badly, and Tahlia didn't. She also says she doesn't regret what she did at panel at all. At least Celia stands by her convictions, I would have been really annoyed if she'd said she regretted it.

Oh no! Sandra is going to get into the drama. She tells Tahlia and some of the other girls that she'd heard them talking earlier about Tahlia wanting to go home. Sandra, also says that she thinks Celia should be worried about going home, which in Top Model speak and editing usually means that Sandra should be worried about going home.

Tahlia says she's ready to explode, and Aminat is encouraging that. In fact, when Tahlia says she's not going to confront Celia, Aminat asks if she can start the drama. However, it's Teyona who actually lobs the first bomb in the battle. And it's on! The great Top Model brawl. It's a war of words and Aminat is using words like conspire....though I guess there was so conspiring going on in the bedroom. So touche, Aminat!

Allison says the whole business reminds her of high school. Me too Allison, me too. Celia and Tahlia are just standing on the stairs and saying nothing. Isn't this supposed to be their fight? Funny how that happens. And now Tahlia is giving a speech from the stairway and Allison says she it's too much like Soup for the Teenage Soul. I am so glad Allison's quirky sense of humor is coming out.  Natalie claps and cheers sarcastically to Tahlia's speech. Wow, the claws are out. Way out. Meow!

Now Aminat is yelling at Natalie, who said she agreed with Celia bringing up Tahlia's comments at judges panel. Diva battle! But c'mon Aminat, come up with a better line than spelling out S-T-U-P-I-D. I know there's more in you girl! You're filled with the one liners, come on! Instead Tahlia ends it all with a classic ANTM liner, "You've all put a new meaning to bitches and backstabbers."

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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