'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Episode 10 Recap
On tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, only 6 models remain in the competition and they head out to their international destination: Amsterdam, The Netherlands. When their plane lands, the girls are greeted by Daphne Deckers, the host of Holland’s Next Top Model. She splits the girls into three teams of two and they must work together to find their house in an unfamiliar city and country. The teams must complete a series of tasks along the way but the winners will receive 50 extra frames in their next photo shoot. The teams are: McKey and Sheena, Sam and Elina, and Analeigh and Marjorie. Sam and Elina were able to navigate their way through the city the best and were the winners of the challenge!

The models head to the Red Light District of Amsterdam, which is known for its legalized prostitution. There, they meet up with Carlo Wijnands of Red Light Fashion. Once again, the models are divided into teams of two and the teams are: McKey and Sam, Analeigh and Elina, and Sheena and Marjorie. They meet with notable designers from Holland where they try on outfits to model in store windows. In the Red Light District, prostitutes sell themselves in windows but in this case, the models sold the clothes, not their bodies. The designers picked Sam and McKey the winners of the challenge, feeling that the two worked very well together.

In tonight’s photo shoot, the models dress in 20th century dresses with a modern twist. The photos are taken out at sea on a beautiful ship.  Analeigh and Marjorie really impress with the creativity and their ability to follow Jay's direction.  Sheena slides backwards a little, taking many photos that lack class and taste.  Elina has a difficult time focusing and listen to Mr. Jay on the shoot.  Sam starts out shaky but, thanks to 25 extra frames, she pulls off some decent photos at the very end.  McKey turns out creative, high fashion photos, one after the other.

At panel, Tyra and the judges are most impressed with McKey, who has been turning out several strong photos over the last few weeks.  She is called first followed by Analeigh, Marjorie, and Sam.  Elina and Sheena are left in the bottom two this week.  The judges feel that Elina takes pretty pictures but isn't a model yet.  Sheena's photos have been more inconsistent over the weeks and Tyra decides that she won't get another chance.  Sheena is eliminated from the competition and, for the second week in a row, Elina is spared.







-Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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