'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Episode 9 Best and Worst Performances
I had only just recovered from last week's episode of America's Next Top Model being a clip show, and now this! No photo shoot this week!

I know the modelettes' attempts to read lines is supposed to be enough entertainment to make up for the lack of pretty pictures, but I, for one, am dissastified. I like my America's Next Top Model as two-dimensional as I am.

But we have to make due with what we got, so let's pick the best and worst performances from the episode


Analeigh definitely redeemed herself from her lackluster photos. Her smarts came in handy this episode. She was the only one to use the make-up itself, and she was cute and natural in her performance.

I agreed with the judges that Sheena did well, too. While her performance was a bit more girl-from-the-block, Jaslene Gonzales rode that persona into a win, so it goes to show that being a Cover Girl no longer means being middle-of-the-road.


I also thought that Samantha did better than the judges gave her credit for.

And while Joslyn's giggle is, certainly, disconcerting, her final performance was about one-tenth as campy and over the top as any of last cycle winner Whitney Thompson's performances in her season. I agree that Joslyn's photo performance has been weakening over the past few weeks, and she has seemed to be on her way out. Nevertheless, it seemed especially unfair to boot her in an episode that had scenery-chewer Whitney guest-starred in.


Okay, now I'm a supporter of the awkward girl, but Marjorie, come on. Get yourself together. I don't blame a girl for being nervous – I sure would be too – but it does seem, to Mr. Jay's point, that she relies on others too much to help talk her down. She might not achieve a poised demeanor, but it does seem like she could try to cover it up a bit more than she does.

Elina might not make it much farther in the America's Next Top Model competition, but I do have to say that her controlled deadpan serious demeanor makes her seem like an ideal TV newscaster. The way she talks reminds me of The Chenbot – Big Brother's Julie Chen.

McKey…um, yikes. She's so gorgeous, I don't really care (I am, again, all about the photos). But this commercial was a disaster. I was surprised. I didn't think she would be the best at it, but I didn't expect that kind of weird diva thing she was doing. Now here's a case of nerves, but at least she tried something. It didn't work, but I think her attempts will, in the long run, win her more favor with the judges' than Marjorie's constant capitulation to her anxiety.

So now the girls are off on their Abroad Adventure and I am happy that we should be getting back to a photo shoot soon.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CW)