'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Episode 9 Live Thoughts
Previously on America's Next Top Model, Tyra taught the girls how to work their signature poses.  Lauren Brie didn't make the cut and was sent home, and now only seven girls remain.

The girls find out about their international destination on America's Next Top Model tonight, but not everyone will get to go.  The modelettes will be put through the ringer once more to see who has what it takes to be a top model.  Not all of them will be able to handle the stress, however.

You wanna be on top?

Sheena starts out this episode by expressing her frustration with her critiques at the last elimination.  Elina and Marjorie complain about how their European upbringing makes them button down their emotions, and Samantha asks timidly, "Didn't you come here when you were like eight?"  Haha, that's funny because that's what I was thinking too.  Sheena is all, look, bitches, my mother's foreign and I'm not crying about it.

Tyra Mail!  They must work it, sell it, own it.  Ron and Richard Harris teach the girls how to twirl and swirl and sell accessories and garments.  Sheena knows how to work a scarf, but Marjorie struggles with a wrap skirt.  After their little tutorial, they are brought to a stage, where James St. James, wearing a full-body green suit, even covering his face.  It's Green Man!  There's a TV screen next to the stage, you only see the clothes he's wearing and not his any of his skin.  Their challenge will be to invisibly model clothes designed by Nony Tochterman.  The winner of the challenge will be in a holiday fashion story of Seventeen Magazine.

Woah, Marjorie's dress falls off of her onstage.  Analeigh plays with her pearls creatively, and Samantha has a hard time with her jacket.  Joslyn does something stripperly with her belt.  And the winner is Elina.  She chooses Marjorie and Analeigh to accompany her at the Seventeen photo shoot.

Back home, Joslyn starts to feel nauseous.  Then, a huge fight breaks out between Sheena and Elina.  Sheena gets her bitch on and calls Elina a hypocrite for doing the holiday fashion shoot while being an atheist and not believing in holidays.  The next day, Sheena and Elina are incredibly cold towards each other, and Joslyn looks to be just about on her deathbed.

For their photoshoot, they go to a beautiful house in Bel-Air, where they will be doing a commercial for Covergirl.  Whitney Thompson, last cycle's winner, is there to coach them.  The girls will have a teleprompter for the commercial, but they'll still have to familiarize themselves with their lines.  Each girl has five takes to do their commercial, and there's a bunch of walking around.  Mr. Jay admonishes Elina to be more real and less controlled.  McKey is a mess, and Analeigh does a great job.  Joslyn looks and feels like death warmed over and then goes and barfs into the trash can.  Um, gross, the microphones seem to be on full power on those throw-up sounds.  Yuck.  Marjorie gets emotional, even though she just argued at the beginning of the episode about how, as a European, she has to hide her emotions.  Joslyn gears up for her chance to shoot the commercial, which she totally overacts.

It's panel time!  Tyra recites, or rather, sings the list of prizes and introduces the judges.  Uh oh, clip of those ridiculous stripper shoes from Cycle 6 that made me very angry.  This year, however, the girls must walk in oversized wooden clogs.  The clogs are symbolic because they will be going to Amsterdam!  Whoo!  But not everyone's going to Holland, so they must proceed with judging.  Is Tyra incapable of speaking like a normal human being anymore?

Seriously, what is with Tyra?  I remember hearing about the guy who writes the Dilbert comic strip and how he had some kind of neurological disorder that prevented him from being able to speak except in rhyme.  Maybe Tyra has something like that too.

"Seven beautiful young women stand before me, but I only have six photos in my hands," Tyra intones.  She calls Analeigh, Sheena, Samantha, Marjorie and McKey.  Joslyn and Elina step forward.  The girl who is still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model is......Elina.  She has a minor panic attack because she thought she was going home.  But it's buh-bye, Joslyn.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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