'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Episode 8 "Top Model Confidential" Recap
Tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model is a clip show, letting fans relive some of the best moments thus far in cycle 11.  Normally, I'm not a fan of clip shows but on ANTM, that means that the international destination is coming soon so bring it on!  Tonight's episode doesn't just regurgitate everything we have already seen and know about.  Top Model will show fans what went on behind the runway, featuring never before seen clips from makeover meltdowns to model workout routines to the crazy catfights that didn't make the original episodes.  Here's the stuff that you didn't get to see from tonight's episode: "Top Model Confidential"!

We kick things off at Top Model Institute, where the girls were shown pictures of Tyra and had to mimic her expressions.  They also stood in cubes where, when the lights flashed, they had to strike a new pose.  At the first panel, ShaRaun said, "This is not a choice," of becoming America's Next Top Model.  "I was born into this."  Now we know why she went home first!

Before the girls got to move in to their apartment, Miss J. handed out purses but only one contained a key.  Whoever had the key received the power to choose whatever bed she wanted in the house, even if it was already taken.  Samantha was left without a bed completely and was forced to sleep on the floor.

In a never before seen argument, Sheena and Elina have it out in the limo over animal rights early on in the season.  Another fight broke out, of a different kind, when the girls engaged in a rap battle in the hot tub.  A third fight ensued between Isis and Brittany when a playful scuffle between the two got out of control.  What ANTM viewers may not have known is that the models in the house were not too thrilled with McKey, who they felt was distant and stand offish.  She eventually won them over, with her superior cooking skills but Clark said that she saw right through it.

During the makeovers, we saw a lot of tears from McKey, Samantha, Brittany, and of course, Elina.  There was one makeover mishap that we missed though - with Sheena.  Her hair didn't take to the color too well and a huge patch of hair fell out.  Elina's weave took on a life of its own and she began referring to it as her cat, which she named Sherry.

In the house, the models got to know each other more than they ever could imagine (or perhaps wanted to).  Hannah carried a jar of Alaskan Pixie Dust and sprinkled it all over the place.  According to Hannah, the dust was provided by her mom and protects her from mean girls and getting her feelings hurt.

This week's Top Models in Action segment focuses on cycle 5 winner, Nicole.  She now lives in L.A. and is signed with Mood model management.  She is the new face of Skechers shoes!

Though you may have remembered the Elina/Clark kiss early in the season, there's one show couple you may not know about: Analeigh and Marjorie.  The two takes baths together, brush each other's hair, and are constantly hugging and kissing.  What that's about, I have no idea...

Next week, it's back to business on America's Next Top Model as another girl will be cut from the competition.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CW)