'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Episode 7 Live Thoughts
The pressure is always on for the ladies of America's Next Top Model but tonight, one of them is pushed past her breaking point.  In the promo, it looked like Mr. Jay wasn't happy with just about everyone's performance in the photo shoot, telling them that they're not good enough and they need to step it up.  Something must happen that's more dramatic than that, since he's always critiquing and telling the girls like it is.  At this point in the competition, with the international destination looming, there isn't a model who feels safe and anybody could go home.  I'll be here for the entire hour, covering every tear that falls and every frame that is shot.  Keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too!

Elina explains her control issues.  Her mom never let her express her emotions.  Apparently, you can't do that in Europe.  I think she means the Ukraine, where she's from.  I'm Italian and trust me!  My family expresses their emotions!

Tyra delivers her own Tyra Mail tonight (for some extra camera time).    The girls are going to have to find their signature pose.  Tyra's coaching them through 20 frames - lucky ladies!  Marjorie wins the posing challenge - did Tyra really like the hunchback look that much?

The Orpheum Theater is the backdrop for tonight's photo challenge, where the girls will have to act out an embarrassing moment at a high profile event.  Marjorie is filming in the bathroom, as a model who has to pee but can't get out of her dress.  Elina is the overemotional actress who can't stop crying, except she can't cry at all!  Mr. Jay helps her talk through it and she does release her emotions - yes!  Elina is such a great model.

At panel, here are the photos I like: McKey, Sheena, Joslyn, Marjorie, and Elina.  Here are the photos I don't like: Samantha and Lauren Brie.  I wouldn't be surprised if the judges throw Elina into the bottom this week.

Marjorie keeps up her winning streak - the judges pick her photo as the best of the week and she is called first.  Analeigh is called next followed by Samantha, Elina (phew!), - oh they're totally getting rid of Sheena.  Continuing on: Joslyn is called and yup, I'm right.  Sheena is in the bottom with Lauren Brie.

WHAT?!  SHOCKING!  Lauren Brie is sent home!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CW)