'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Episode 6 Best and Worst Photographs
This week on America's Next Top Model, the photo shoot had the girls acting out natural disasters…and a couple unnatural disasters, like a black out and a car crash. I guess a show run by a woman known for her weave can't be expected to really have a solid grasp on what is natural or not.

Which girls wrecked it in a good way and which just did some damage to their chances on America's Next Top Model? And this week, there are a whole pack of girls sitting in the almost-but-not-quite category.


I'm starting to really like Samantha. Considering how little fashion savvy she had coming into the competition, she seems to be picking things up quickly and showing some moxie. Sure, she went too far with the challenge early in the episode but altering her outfit until it was unrecognizable, but I thought at least she showed some unexpected creativity. In addition to what she did physically in the shot, she also just fit the ‘60's theme of the shoot with her sleepy-eyed look in the selected photograph.

I know the judges didn't like McKey's that much, but I thought she did a great job with her languid, yet fashion pose. Additionally, since Mr. Jay was so positive during the shoot, I felt it was almost unfair to blame McKey if her photographs weren't quite where Tyra was wanting them. It's not Mr. Jay's responsibility to make a model take a good shot, but if you are doing something and being told you are doing a good job, how are you to know you're not hitting the nail on the head? But anyway, I thought this was a great.

Now for all the Almosts...


Analeigh and Sheena have the same problem: if they are not careful, their nose can photograph in an unflattering way. Sheena's shot is actually fantastic except for that part of her face, but I think it's something she could work with if she simply held her facial expression a little differently.

Marjorie's shot is really great, but as we saw in the episode, she wouldn't have gotten there without Mr. Jay physically moving her around, so I have to ding her a few points for that.

Lauren Brie can usually do no wrong, but this photograph is just a little blah compared to what else she has done.

Elina's expression is great, but her body isn't really showing the clothes and her foot placement is just off.


I'm disappointed to see Joslyn slide back so far; this photograph has none of that unexpected glamour we saw in Week One of America's Next Top Model. I hope she can get it together.

Clark was, I think, the right girl to go home. She's got a great figure and is pretty enough, but other than her shot last week, which was only half her face, she had yet to impress me in a shoot.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Images courtesy of CWTV)