America's Next Top Model Cycle 11: Episode 4 Best and Worst Photographs
This week on Cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model, the girls got their makeovers!  There were the requisite tears, but overall, this seemed to be pretty gung-ho group who were eager for a new look. 

They then had the chance to put those new looks to the test with a bikini photo shoot with photographer Russell James.  Some girls worked their new looks to their best advantage, while others just coasted.  Who were the best and worst this week?


Elina was a bit annoying this week from a personality perspective. As some commenters noted: if you are so strong and self-possessed, you’re not going to be that devastated to have a new hairstyle and color. That said, she did pull it together beautifully for this shot. I agree with Tyra’s comment that she is now “racially ambiguous” and could seem to be of several different ethnicities, which could give her interesting looks to work with.

Another beautiful picture of Lauren Brie. One tiny quibble, but I think it’s maybe more an issue with the photographer than her, but that front arm out of focus looks odd and creates a weird sense of perspective. But again, I think Lauren herself looks amazing, and she is really delivering some fierceness in the past couple of weeks.

Samantha is my Lauren Brie for this episode, the girl who I thought looked likely to stumble and instead pulled out an awesome shot. She’s learning quick and her haircut was absolutely perfect to help give her an edge.


Joslyn’s face transforms in such an interesting way in front of the camera, but I’m still having some problems with how she uses her body in shots. I would like to see her try some softness or something languid to see if she can do more than this strong look with tension.

I think Marjorie’s photograph’s main deficiency is in the composition; as Tyra noted, it looks more like a hotel ad than an editorial spread. Marjorie’s body language is fabulous, but if there was just a little bit more edge in her face, I think the contrast between the body and the face would have helped bring more of an editorial feel to this shot.

McKey’s makeover is fantastic, and she’s got the kind of face that can be a real showstopper. I’m only not putting her in the top because of the tension in her neck and lips. And, once again, a photographer or editor problem: why did they frame the photo so that the left edge is cutting across the wide section and it makes her look wider than she is.


This is not a bad photograph of Brittany. I’m not sure I think she deserved to go home, but that said, I didn’t see that she looked likely to be one of the more interesting competitors, so I wasn’t devastated.

Hannah’s photograph was better than I was expecting based on her performance during the shoot, and while the pose is a little awkward, it does work, as Tyra noted, in a European editorial way. But she needs work.

This is not also not a bad photograph of Isis, but she just looks so uncomfortable. What she is doing is incredibly brave, but it seems like the pressure of what she has undertaken by coming on America's Next Top Model is getting to her.

Sheena is learning quickly, and she did well at reducing the sexiness she brings to a photograph. But this isn’t that special of a shot.


Analeigh’s photograph wasn’t that great, and I know it’s the model’s responsibility to learn the best placement for her body, but shouldn’t the photographer not take this picture? He can see what it looks like and how the lens was distorting her arms.

Clark’s body is fabulous, but I don’t think she has a face for modeling. Maybe she can learn to work it better, but I think it’s unlikely.  We'll have to see how well she develops over the next episode of America's Next Top Model.

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- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy of CW)