'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 20 Recap: Role Reversal
'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 20 Recap: Role Reversal
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Jourdan experiences friction with her roomies. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton helps the models hone their interviewing skills. The models shoot a fragrance commercial. Jiana and Phil's relationship raises eyebrows.

Queen Bee

Finally Jourdan kicks some cute boy butt, but neither boys nor girls are jumping up and down for joy. Marvin, Phil, Cory, Renee and Kanani are especially sore losers. They mistake her genuine lack of self-esteem, the end result of a bad marriage, for arrogance. Kanani says repeatedly nobody cares about her pictures. Given that this is a modeling competition, they should care a great deal about Jourdan's pictures.

That's okay. Jourdan has her girl Nina, who finished second, to share the luxurious Tyra Suite and Guess closet with her. Nina realizes her girl Jourdan is rubbing her competitors the wrong way and pledges to have her back. Jourdan doesn't help matters by giving herself and Nina 10 minutes of phone time and everyone else five.

After hearing parts of Jourdan's conversation with her current squeeze, it doesn't seem as if her taste in men has improved since her husband. She spends the bulk of her time, and then some being berated by her jealous honey. She selfishly goes over her own allotment by complaining about how much she can't stand anyone in the house.

Jourdan emerges to an irritated mob. She states she has the Tyra Suite, and she can give herself extra phone time if she wants. Renee tells Jourdan she's being a b***h. Jourdan calls the collective group immature and then starts to stomp off. Not so fast, Renee makes sure to get the last word which, I believe, was slap. Jourdan warns Renee she better not lay a hand on her gorgeous blond head.

While Nina pledged her undying loyalty, it is actually the chivalrous Jeremy who comes to fair Jourdan's defense. Cory thinks this makes the guy look like a stupid, sad puppy dog.


Alexandra can handle the pressure of the competition, but is struggling with being unable to talk to her mom, a breast cancer survivor. Alexandra walks around in a perpetual state of anxiety when it comes to her mom's health.

Phil is down in the dumps being away from his sweetheart, but he seems to be finding solace with Jiana. Jourdan has noticed a lot of canoodling, and it makes her question his intentions. Jiana thinks Phil's a sweetie, but she swears she's not going to let a showmance distract her.

What Are You Wearing?

Bryanboy and Perez Hilton, celebrity blogger and all-around D-bag, challenge the models to step into their shoes and be fashion correspondents. They are responsible for interviewing people on the street who have interesting looks. Perez and Bryanboy will feed questions to the competitors via earpiece to make sure they have plenty to talk about. Perez makes it clear that even if he throws them a ridiculous curve ball, they have to go with it. Bryanboy stresses that they have to be able to keep their cool under pressure.

The bloggers put the models to the test with some silly stunts; Phil asks a girl to spank him and Jeremy strips down to his knickers. The first casualty is Marvin who Perez says "is bombing so hard right now." Marvin claims to not be comfortable with the bloggers' questions. He thinks Perez has built his career on insulting people, and he refuses to bash someone to become famous.

Perez is disappointed in the ladies as a whole and says they were outdone by the boys. He singles Jiana out for not asking all of the questions she was given. He also makes it clear he isn't a Marvin fan. The winner of the challenge is Jeremy who Perez gives props for rolling with the punches. Jeremy picks Jourdan to share in his reward which turns out to be a romantic meal.

Jourdan spends the entire meal talking about herself and concludes it was a good experience because it brought her and Jeremy closer together as friends. Bad news for Jeremy, he's stuck in the friend zone.

Gender Bender

There is no photo shoot this week. Instead, the models are trying out their acting skills in a fragrance commercial parody. The big twist is that the girls will dress like guys and the guys like girls. Big deal, ANTM. This has been done before. The models get a little help from comedian, character actor and acting coach Jeremy Rowley. Johnny reveals that each pair will have to share a passionate kiss at the end of the commercial.

Despite warnings to the contrary, Cory is too over the top and comes across like a drag queen. While Cory is able to channel his inner diva, partner Alexandra lacks confidence. Renee is less than thrilled when Marvin chooses her as his partner and begs him not to do anything weird. Marvin goes for a full face lick which, surprisingly, doesn't disgust Renee. Phil is a hilarious bearded Barbie, and he and gal pal Jiana share a steamy kiss. Nina can't embrace playing a guy, but Chris makes a stunning woman. Kanani brings her swag, and Don doesn't hold back as a scruffy-faced blonde cheerleader.


While Tyra buys Nina's performance, Kelly doesn't find her very believable. Chris scores a 10 from Tyra and gets props from Rob for not breaking character.

Kelly claims Kanani blew her away and says she was popping. Bryanboy tells her she is on a roll with her fans. Kelly admits Don made her laugh, something that doesn't happen often. He's also a social media darling.

Rob chastises Jeremy for his pose and says there's no connection with Jourdan. Jourdan falls from grace, and Kelly isn't accepting any excuses. Jourdan says she's lived a sheltered life which infuriates Tyra, who doesn't like a model who isn't smart.

Jiana, who needs good judges' scores due to her low challenge score doesn't fare too well. Kelly thinks she could have been more masculine. Bryanboy informs her she's starting to be overshadowed by some of the other girls. It looks like Phil is distracting her after all. Rob points out that Phil's performance had a touch of genius to it.

After witnessing Cory's kiss, Kelly proclaims he isn't gay. He says he wanted to prove to them that he could kiss a girl convincingly. His social media fans love him as well. Alexandra is just mediocre.

Marvin's full on lick is not a huge hit with the judges. Tyra points out Renee has one moment of genius but is otherwise lackluster.

This week's winner is Cory. The runner-up for best performance is Kanani. The bottom two are Jiana and Alexandra. In spite of low scores in all three areas, Jiana still manages to beat Alexandra. Remember, Alexandra can still return with fan support.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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