America's Next Top Model: Adrianne Curry Victim of Theft

Adrianne Curry is now be a famous face due to her win of the very first Cycle of America's Next Top Model, and her appearances on The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady.  However, that doesn't mean she's immune from the aggravations of daily life that the rest of us also have to deal with. 

She had an unwelcome reminder of this earlier this week when her car was broken into right outside her home.  In her usual frank fashion, Curry let loose with an angry blog entry on her Myspace page.

She describes how she learned of the theft when her husband, former Brady Bunch-er Christopher Knight, gently broke the news to her as she prepared to start an ordinary day with a visit to the gym.  She writes, "He gave me a BIG hug, told me how much he loved me, and that I needed to sit down. 'WHAT???' I asked him. My car's window had been smashed out, my navigation system stolen, and the possibility of other things missing is high. When I stepped outside to look at my car in my new home's driveway, I was heartbroken!"

It's not, she notes, the loss of the material items that really got to her; rather, it's the hubris of the theives.  The America's Next Top Model winner went on to say, "Anyone who can't WORK to EARN something and decides to just ROB someone so they can have it are the most VILE scum to ever walk the planet. Talk about vain! These people think they are above anyone and everything, and deserve to have what is YOURS."  She says she "was raised to know the value of a dollar," and that she "work[s] hard for everything" she has. 

One of the few bright spots to come from the aggravating event is that it sounds as though she and her husband have differed in the past about her protective nature.  She writes, "Chris always bitches at me for having weapons, wanting extra security, and not wanting to park my car outside of the garage. Now he's learned."

Since the event, she's filed a police report and uploaded pictures of the car onto her MySpace page for her fans from America's Next Top Model and other shows to view. 

Any potential thieves considering targeting Ms. Curry in the future, be forewarned.  She says that she is "thinking about fixing my window, putting a bunch of valuables in my car, and sitting on my roof with some ball bearings and a wrist rocket!"  Any viewers who watched her hold her own in some of the more serious fights with Christopher Knight on My Fair Brady know this might not be an empty threat!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: ThinkFashion
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