America's Next Top Model: Adrianne Curry to Star in TV Special
This week's episode of America's Next Top Model reiterated a key point about that show. As Ebony learned when she quit the competition: don't look a gift Tyra Banks in the mouth or risk her scorn.

Adrianne Curry learned this lesson when her vocal complaints about her feelings of not being supported after her win made her persona non grata in the current America's Next Top Model universe. The photos and clips included in ANTM houses and on the opening credits no longer include the first cycle winner.

While Tyra might have successfully wiped Adrianne's presence from America's Next Top Model, she can't keep her off the air entirely, and the former winner is about to star in another TV special.

Once again, Adrianne's television foray will feature her husband Christopher Knight. The two will star in a two-hour “docu-reality” special called Chris and Adrianne Do Russia.

This past summer, the two traveled to Russia to host the Mrs. World competition, and the footage for this new special was taken from that trip and some of the sight-seeing they were able to fit in.

Christopher Knight has said, "This was, for us, about the first place we traveled to of significance, where neither of us have had any experience previously," said Knight. "This was something where we both got to experience a culture and the environment for the first time together."

Some of those cultural experiences include a 12-hour train ride to St. Petersburg, and eating bull penis, a local delicacy, in Moscow.

Adrianne's fans might experience an America's Next Top Model flashback as she apparently gets sick enough to need a hospital visit during the Russian trip (and contrary to what you could be imagining, it doesn't actually relate to that bull penis meal).

In her usually blunt and frank manner, Adrianne has taken away some rather down-to-earth lessons from the trup. "I appreciate the toilet paper and Kleenex at home, probably more than anything else," Adrianne said.

Chris and Adrianne Do Russia will air on the WE network on Sunday, December 2 at 9pm Eastern.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reality TV World
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