'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Episode 11 Live Thoughts
There are only 5 models left in the competition on America's Next Top Model this season.  Tonight, the girls will head out on the all important, and overly stressful, go-sees.  In a country where they don't speak the language and the streets start to sound the same, making their way to each designer will be tougher than they ever imagined.  Tyra has no patience for models who miss their appointments or show up late at the end of the day.  Stay with BuddyTV for the next hour and I'll be updating at each commercial break.  Be sure to post your thoughts, too!  Anybody want to kick off tonight's episode with an elimination prediction?

On the bus ride that morning, the models are stressed out.  Analeigh is convinced that the other girls don't view her as competition while Marjorie feels that she's having a hard time showing versatility in her shoots.  After receiving Tyra Mail, the girls head out to meet Frederick Koster, the managing director for Touche Models.  He gives the girls information for 5 designers that the models must visit.  They will be judged on four different key points: their portfolio, their runway walk, their general appearance, and their personality.

Samantha arrives at her first go-see, with Marlies Dekkers.  She feels that Samantha is nice, but too commercial, and says she wouldn't book her for a campaign.  McKey visits Monique Collignon, who feels that she would look stunning in one of her runway shows.  Meanwhile, Marjorie has a difficult time navigating the streets and the city as do several of the other girls.  Analeigh makes it to Hans Ubbink, who is very drawn to her look.  Elina models for Mart Visser, who is disappointed that she is sweaty after running to make it to her appointment.  He said that her walk and her look was okay but says he wouldn't book her because she's playing a model - she isn't actually a model.  Ouch.

Marjorie finally makes it to a few appointments but fails to connect with any of the designers.  She breaks down in a very strange manner outside of one of her go-sees and just heads back to Touche, basically admitting defeat.  All of the models make it back, except for McKey, who is disqualified from the challenge.  On a side note, is anyone noticing a strange accent from McKey on tonight's episode?  Analeigh is named the winner of tonight's go-see challenge and she'll receive items from each other designers, which is worth a total of $8,000.

At tonight's photo shoot, the girls are pleasantly surprised to find out that Tyra Banks herself will be shooting them.  They'll be photographed two different ways: clean and natural, then totally made up.  One by one, the models go from looking like the average girl to absolute divas.  Samantha performs better when she has her makeup on than when she's just being herself.  For her second shoot, Marjorie chops her hair off even more and turns in the best performance she can, given that her confidence is so shaken.  Analeigh's shoot comes across as effortless and it looks like she gets her shot early on.  At the end of Elina's photo shoot, Tyra and Jay encourage Elina to go nuts but she stays controlled, as usual.  McKey is the last of the day and is one of the few who legitimately looks like a model every time she walks on set.

At panel, Jay Manuel sits in as the guest judge.  Samantha is up first - she made it to 4 go-sees and booked 2 jobs.  Nigel likens her natural shot to a Calvin Klein ad and calls it his favorite shot of her to date.  Miss Jay loves her body language in her glam shot.  Analeigh booked 3 of the 3 go-sees she went to.  Nigel feels that her natural shot pales in comparison to Samantha's but she redeems herself with her glam shot.   Marjorie only made it to 2 go-sees and she didn't book either.  Jay felt that the rest of her film didn't compare to her first shot, which wasn't that strong to begin with.  The judges like her glam shot, but want to see that strength in every photo she takes. 

Jay and Tyra point out that Elina always tenses up in front of the camera and also felt that her crazy shots were not remotely interesting.  McKey was disqualified but she would've won had she been on time, since she booked all 4 of her go-sees.  Tyra is thrilled with her natural shot, feeling that she took all the pointers she was given.  Miss Jay feels like her glam shot looks completely effortless and Paulina notes how far she has come since the first day.

After deliberating, the judges reach their decision and Tyra delivers the news.  Samantha is called first and Tyra calls her natural shot the best of the week.  After that, Tyra calls McKey and Analeigh, leaving Elina and Marjorie in the bottom.  Tyra tells both girls that they have such potential, but both stand in their own way.  She tells Elina that her controlling nature diminishes her nature while Marjorie's nerves constantly get the best of her.  Marjorie is given another chance and Elina is eliminated from the competition.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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