'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Episode 10 Predictions
On last week's episode of America's Next Top Model, Sheena declared that the battle between her side of the house and Marjorie-Analeigh-Elina side was a battle between good and evil.

She didn't really specify which was which, but I suppose we all can guess what she thinks. Honestly, though, to me it's not so much “good” and “evil” as “in-” and “over-”. As in sensitive.

Samantha and Sheena might have a point that the Euro crew ought to just, well, kind of shut up already about how their different backgrounds might impact their success in the competition. But it's not particularly gracious or America's Next Top Model friendly Cover Girl-y to get all up in someone's face telling them that.

And as to Marjorie and Elina, you have to pick one. Your European background either makes you a) nervous and susceptible to bursting into tears at every shoot or challenge OR b) unable to burst into tears because of your stoic reserve. One or the other, but not both.  There's no room for cognitive dissonance in America's Next Top Model.

And either one would be much more convincing were it not trotted out as an excuse right after you've received criticism. It's certainly plausible that a certain kind of upbringing might make an element of the competition more difficult for you. But in that case, work on it before you get criticized, instead of just listing your difficulties as a rationale after.

With all that said, who could be the next casualty in this battle between The Delicate Flowers and The Cowboy-Up Brigade?

Well, I can't help but wonder if Sheena's statement was foreshadowing the final showdown. Several commenters have noted that Sheena seems on track for a win based on how her story is unfolding. I can't help but have a gut feeling they could be right.

If so, I could see her matched up against Elina at the end to continue this supposed battle between two different temperaments. Elina, not Marjorie, because I just think that barring some miracle, Marjorie has shown herself to be too twitchy and fragile to make it all the way. She's a better print model than Elina, but since when has that actually mattered on America's Next Top Model?

In fact, Marjorie is probably top of my list as likely to go this episode. Unless by some miracle she is able to calm her nerves enough to demonstrate some poise, I just don't see her photos saving her for much longer.

If not Marjorie, then I think Samantha might also be vulnerable. She's performed well, better than many viewers probably expected, but I just get the feeling her story hasn't been building towards much else.

I get the same feeling about McKey or Analeigh. After all, what do we really know about either of them besides their sports of choice? I have a feeling one of them will make it to the final three to act as a neutral foil to the drama of Elina and Sheena. Which one? Probably McKey based on her striking beauty, but Analeigh's skill in the commercial challenge could help her out in the long run, too.

We'll see what happens when the girls landed in Amsterdam on this episode of America's Next Top Model.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CW)